Meet our new Head of Global Partner Marketing at Marketing Velocity Digital 

Empowering our partners to become future ready is fundamental to their success. As a Marketing organization, we strive to support, enable, and lead our partners to growth.

Luxy Thuraisingam
Senior Director of Global Partner Marketing

We are thrilled to formally announce Luxy Thuraisingam as the new Head of Global Partner Marketing and have her join us at our upcoming Marketing Velocity Digital event.

A seasoned marketing professional with 18 years’ experience, Luxy spent most of her time at the top two SPs in Canada. There, she earned a reputation of optimizing programs by bridging data with creative applications and pioneered digital marketing initiatives which supported emerging consumption models such as “As a Service” and cloud-based product launches.

As leader of Cisco Canada Marketing, Luxy led a multi-function marketing organization inclusive of partners. During this time, she helped transform the Canada marketing culture, earned the trust of Sales stakeholders and partners, and delivered exceptional business results.  When the pandemic hit, Luxy broadened her scope by leading Americas Industries, where she proved success in increasing vertical relevancy for our customers and for partners.

Outside of work, Luxy is active as a MarTech co-chair for the Canadian Marketing Association, sits on various boards, and teaches digital marketing at York University.

Be sure to watch this space for Luxy’s blogs on becoming Future Ready.

To take on these challenges and truly become ‘future ready,’ the world of marketing requires bravery to lead the way.

“Future Ready” is the theme of this year’s global Marketing Velocity Digital 2021 on May 11.  Working with our partner marketers, we will provide in-depth thought leadership to help you deepen your knowledge on how to differentiate offers, reach more customers, create more value, and deliver a customer experience second-to-none. This event is open to all, and we hope you will join us!

An Agenda Designed to Help you Remain Relevant, Agile and Profitable

Marketing Velocity Digital 2021, which will be live and around the world in three regional time zones, will focus on the key areas that will help position our partners for success and ensure they are Future Ready.  The agenda is full of impressive sessions and speakers who will deliver on that promise. Highlights include:

  • A fireside conversation with Oliver Tuszik and Luxy Thuraisingam on what Cisco has done over the past year to remain relevant, agile, and profitable – and how we will enable our partners to follow suit
  • An inspirational keynote by Thomas Barta, renowned speaker author and premier expert on marketing leadership, that will demonstrate what it takes today for marketers to be brave
  • Cisco regional marketing leaders sharing the latest brand-building investments, innovations in data-driven marketing, and our award-winning advocacy program
  • And, several on-demand sessions will also be available, including Jay McBain from Forrester and sales innovation evangelist, Tiffany Bova.

I hope you will attend and enjoy Marketing Velocity Digital, as we continue our journey to be brave, be bold and be future ready together.

Join us at Marketing Velocity Digital


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