It can sometimes be easy to forget our role as technology marketers.

As we get caught in the demands of our marketing strategies, constant meetings and measuring the impact of what we do, we can lose sight of the fact that, at the end of the day, our job is about connecting – whether that be with our customers, partners or stakeholders.

Finding the best way to engage with our key audiences allows us to better connect with them and build stronger, more enduring relationships based upon trust and loyalty.

Community connection

Building a sense of community is key to this in the twenty-first century.

For the previous one-hundred years, community was a traditional, physical location close to your home. Fast-forward to today, and the idea of community is now far more connected to your identity based upon your likes, interests or profession – something that you choose to be a part of with like-minded peers and individuals.

And in our digital-first world, these communities are very much online.

Online communities have become the de-facto interaction for connecting and communicating. Somewhere to build relationships, increase knowledge and share experiences. A sense of the community spirit of old, in a digital world.

Giving our partner marketers a Voice

This is why I am so proud to say that after the award-winning success of our customer advocacy platform called The Cisco Gateway, we are very proud to introduce our new digital marketing community built specifically for our partner marketers: Marketing Velocity Voice.

Voice is a digital space to network and connect, elevate marketing practices, and accelerate demand generation – together. Enabling our partner marketers to be their best selves, through community.

Alongside reimagining the way partner marketers interact with each other and with us, every day, Voice is a way of becoming more transparent and forging much deeper connections with our partner marketers. A community that creates a true value exchange.

No conversation should be simply one-sided. And by creating a platform where our partners can discuss, learn and grow, we’re secure in the knowledge we are truly giving our partners a voice.

It brings perspective and a breath of fresh air to how we do things. But above all, it’s set to redefine how we engage with our partner marketers.

And I for one can’t wait to hear their voices more.

Cisco Partner Marketers can sign-up* for Marketing Velocity Voice NOW!

*Single sign on (SSO) required

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Emma Roffey

Vice President

EMEAR Marketing & Global Advocacy