environmental sustainability

May 4, 2023


Sustainability Progress Requires Specialized Partners

Whether you are just at the beginning of your corporate sustainability planning or in the middle, it’s important to recognize how to invest and that you can’t do it alone—you need trusted advisors to help you plan, implement, and measure your progress. That requires finding the right partner.

Learning from technology to restore and protect forests

Brent Davies, President of VP Data Commons, shares more about how she is using technology to help restore forests.

April 27, 2023


Supporting the Sustainability Journey for the Transportation Industry

Sustainable transportation plays a key role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. As transportation organizations analyze their impact, they are setting GHG emissions reduction goals and accelerating technologies that support electrification, autonomous vehicles, and mobility as a service. Cisco's transportation solutions help support their sustainability journey.

From Earth to the Sun: The diversity of a career in STEM

Dr Kate Brand, a space weather scientist from the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia, shares more about her career in STEM.

Playing with the Earth: One woman’s journey to becoming a climate scientist

Dr Pandora Hope, a Principal Climate Scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia, shares more about her professional journey.