DevNet Snack Minute

May 9, 2023


Cisco U. Snack Minute Celebrates 100 Episodes

2 min read

Cisco U. Snack Minute celebrates 100 episodes, a significant milestone marking the show's impact on the tech learning community; redefining tech learning with short, intuitive videos that make learning complex topics accessible and enjoyable.

December 9, 2022


Introducing the Tech Advocate Team

6 min read

Meet the Tech Advocate Team from Cisco Learning & Certifications. Find out what they do, who they are, where to find them, and how they empower the tech community to adopt new technologies and navigate their learning journeys.

April 28, 2022


YANG Suite updates and new features: A sneak peek

3 min read

Have you tried out Cisco YANG Suite yet? YANG Suite provides network operators with a set of tools and plugins to interact with and test YANG programmable interfaces including NETCONF, RESTCONF, gNMI, and more. In Episode 58 of DevNet Snack Minute, Jeremy Cohoe (Technical Marketing Engineer with Cisco Systems) provides us with an overview of […]

June 29, 2021


New Video Discusses Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Security

1 min read

Hear Cisco DevNet Developer Advocates, Mel Delgado and Christopher van der Made unpack issues to consider in your own hybrid cloud strategy, as well as app-first security approaches.

June 22, 2021


Get More Done with Python’s asyncio

2 min read

Learn how Python asyncio lets you do more work, more quickly while waiting for remote API servers to process your requests. Watch the new DevNet Snack Minute video.