Cisco U. Snack Minute has reached a significant milestone with its 100th episode, and it’s worth celebrating. Hosted by Matt DeNapoli, Manager of Developer Advocacy for Cisco DevNet, and Kareem Iskander, Lead Technical Advocate for Cisco Learning and Certifications, the show has helped redefine learning in the tech industry by presenting complex topics in short, intuitive videos that make learning accessible and enjoyable.

Watch Episode 100 below, then read on to discover the impact of Cisco U. Snack Minute, its plans, and ways you can use this innovative learning resource.

Cisco U. Snack Minute Celebrates 100 Episodes:

The impact of Cisco U. Snack Minute

To kick off the celebration, Matt and Kareem shared some of their funniest bloopers that didn’t make the final cut. As they showed these outtakes, it was clear that making the episodes isn’t always smooth sailing. Kareem said, “Condensing complex topics into bite-sized videos can be tough.”  However, the hosts’ dedication to bringing the latest information to viewers has proven successful. With a loyal following, the community’s feedback and comments on YouTube have shown how the show has helped viewers grasp new concepts quickly.  

Despite the challenges of creating the series, Matt and Kareem are passionate about making learning collaborative and engaging. Matt shared, “It’s been challenging to keep up with the new tools and advancements in technologies, but it’s exciting to bring the latest information to our viewers.” Kareem added, “Seeing our viewers grasp new concepts in just a few minutes is also rewarding.” 

During the conversation, Matt and Kareem shared some of their favorite episodes, including one featuring Quinn Snyder, a Cisco Developer Advocate, where he talked about monitoring lessons learned from the BBQ pit. They also recalled two other memorable episodes, one on Marvel Comics APIs and another on using ChatGPT for network troubleshooting with John Capobianco, Developer Advocate at Cisco Training Bootcamps. Matt expressed his appreciation for having guests like Quinn and John on the show, saying, “They bring a unique perspective that we can all learn from.”  

The future of Cisco U. Snack Minute 

Looking ahead, Matt and Kareem have set their sights on broadening the reach of Cisco U. Snack Minute by featuring guests beyond Cisco to bring more diverse perspectives to the series. Kareem emphasized the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in fostering innovation within the industry. The show encourages real-time participation, and new episodes are scheduled for release every Tuesday at noon Pacific Time, allowing viewers to engage during the episode and keep the conversation going.

In the upcoming episode 101, they’re excited to be joined by Mandy Whaley, Partner Director of Product, Azure Dev Tools at Microsoft.   

Collaboration and community 

As Matt and Kareem celebrated this impressive 100th-episode milestone, they thanked the viewers and subscribers for supporting them on this journey. Emphasizing how important the community has been in shaping Cisco U. Snack Minute, the hosts invited the community to suggest topics and ideas to help improve the show. Viewers are encouraged to reach out on social media with ideas or questions.  

Cisco U. Snack Minute has become an essential resource for anyone looking to stay current with the latest advancements in the tech industry. As the show enters a new era with exciting plans, the next 100 episodes will be just as informative as the first 100. So subscribe to the Cisco U. by Learning and Certifications YouTube channel, and tune in every Tuesday to join the conversation by sharing your comments with Matt and Kareem.  

View the entire playlist on the Cisco U. by Learning and Certifications YouTube channel.

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Julio Fernandez

Senior Manager for Digital Strategy

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