In my first #CiscoChat I hosted together with Anabelle Pinto, we were joined by Gaurav Pant and Sahir Anand from EKN Research to share their perspective and dig deeper into additional findings from Cisco and IDC. We started by defining who the digital consumer is, what type of services they’re looking for and what shoppers want and expect, all while providing the security they need.

Here are a few highlights from the #CiscoChat:

Who is today’s digital shopper?

What’s important to today’s shopper?

How can retailers best meet the needs of today’s shopper?

For brands and retailers, it’s not all one-sided. Investing in the technology digital consumers want can pay off big for retailers.

This graphic from Gaurav @gpanekn is a nice summation of the value of the omnichannel experience:

What matters most to today’s shopper?

Security is a major concern for retailers and today’s shopper.

Are there benefits to stores and brands owning their own Wi-Fi networks?

We asked which Brands and Retailers are delivering a superior customer experience and our participants were eager to share their top picks!

It was great to hear and share insights on how digital technologies have changed and is still changing shopping behaviors and expectations. We thank all our participants and our friends from EKN Research, Gaurav Pant and Sahir Anand for such an interactive and fun hour. Please view our Where Shopping Experience Meets the New Digital Consumer Storify recap and visit our Retail page for more updates and insights.



Ron Kjelden

Managing Architect, Retail & Hospitality

Business Transformation Team