Over the last year, more than 4,000 people from our partner community attended a Customer Success Talk webinar and joined us on a journey to create customers for life. In addition to sharing practice-building tips and tools, the series has also served as a way to gauge where we all are on the path to becoming customer success experts.

It is encouraging to see that nearly all who attended a webinar are already building their own customer success practice to improve the customer experience, drive loyalty, and identify growth opportunities. For those of you who are new to the concept, we’ve put together a free eBook with everything you need to get started.

 Download the eBook: Getting Started with Customer Success

Here are three customer success resolutions you can’t afford to break in 2017:

  1. Sell on value rather than cost. It can seem intimidating to completely transform the conversation you have with your customers, but it is absolutely necessary for your continued success. Building a culture of customer success requires a focus on what is important to your customers and rewarding your team’s progress in helping customers achieve their goals. Identify key motivators that deliver value to your customers. Watch: Improving Customer Relevance and Business Outcomes
  1. Drive big results with big data. Data connects your process and automation efforts by providing actionable insights that drive customer engagement in the areas of product usage, upsell/cross sell opportunities and renewal potential. To make your data actionable, it’s crucial that you determine where the data lives and how to get it in the hands of your Customer Success Managers. Define what data your team needs to be successful. Watch: Growing Customer Lifetime Value with Best in Class Data Management Practices
  1. Build loyalty through adoption. Customer Success is about lifecycle management, retention and optimization. The most effective way to retain customers is helping them understand and consume the technology they purchased to achieve their business goals. Develop an adoption journey that creates customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction. Watch: Design a Winning Customer Adoption Strategy

As we wrap up this year on our journey together, let’s focus our efforts on taking advantage of these opportunities and commit to consistently delivering more value to our customers.

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Nichole Lemieux

Partner Experience Architect

Global Virtual Sales & Customer Success