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What is possible? Everything! Cisco Partner Summit 2021 starts on November 9, 2021. All registered Cisco partners can participate and enjoy the executive insights, rich content, and special guests that are the hallmarks of our premier partner event. If you have not already done so, please register for Cisco Partner Summit 2021 and encourage your teams to do the same. The virtual format again this year allows us to engage with more partners while keeping you, your teams, and our staff safe and healthy.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve all had to adapt to unprecedented change and build resiliency. Technology has helped us to overcome one of the most significant challenges our society has ever faced. Cisco CX is here to support you as you take your bold next steps into reimagining the future, creating new experiences for your customers, and delivering an even greater value.

We are excited to have Cisco’s CX leader, Thimaya Subaiya, present during this year’s Global Opening Keynote with Chuck Robbins, Gerri Elliott, and Oliver Tuszik. Thimaya will announce new offers and capabilities for our partners with CX Specialization that will change how we collaborate, giving ultimate flexibility and more ways to differentiate a partner’s CX practice and grow profitability. Register for Partner Summit to hear more details and look for Thimaya’s upcoming partner blog. Partner Summit will also feature three CX Business Impact Sessions for you, including:

  • BIS 04: Accelerating and RENEWing Revenue through Exceptional Customer Experiences
  • BIS05: Driving Differentiation and Igniting Profitable Possibilities with the CX Lifecycle Strategy
  • BIS06: Simplify your Customer’s Cisco Experience with the Enhanced PX Cloud

We have developed an eBook to provide you with a comprehensive look at CX at #CiscoPS21. Bookmark it and come back for post-event resources. In addition, CX executive partners are invited to our CX Partner Executive Forum next week for an interactive webinar with a sneak peek of CX at #CiscoPS21, plus Q&A.

We can’t wait for you to experience this year’s Cisco Partner Summit. Together, we make Everything Possible with CX!


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