NOTE: Cisco Completed the acquisition of CloudCherry on October 11, 2019.  Welcome to the team!

Improving customer experiences in real-time through the power of cloud data analytics

Earlier this year I spoke to you about our vision of shaping the future of contact centers and the critical role that customer experience plays for enterprise differentiation and growth. I also introduced the cognitive and collaborative contact center, our approach to leveraging cloud analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to boost agent productivity and confidence, so they can provide more personalized customer experiences that improve customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.

Today I’m excited to announce Cisco’s intent to acquire CloudCherry*, a privately held, Cisco Investments portfolio company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. CloudCherry is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) company that provides rich APIs, predictive analytics, and customer journey mapping with integrated sentiment analysis.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been delivering leading contact center technology globally through an extensive partner network, driving better customer experiences. With over 3 million agents across 30,000+ different enterprises, this makes us a market-share leader for contact centers – number one in North America and number two worldwide.   

Why CloudCherry?

With CloudCherry, we’re augmenting our contact center portfolio with advanced analytics, rich customer journey mapping and sophisticated survey capabilities that all our customers can use – whether they’re using Webex Contact Center in the cloud, or our hosted and on-premises solutions.  And with more than 17 integrated feedback channels available, CloudCherry can help us better understand and enrich the agent and employee experience as well! CloudCherry’s predictive analytics and journey-oriented solution helps companies understand the correlations between various factors that influence customer experience. Predictive analytics help agents make journey modifications in real-time, such as up and cross-selling and enabling discounting or couponing to meet customer needs duringthe interaction, to improve first contact resolution and customer happiness.

In addition, CloudCherry’s open API platform complements our open and flexible cloud architecture approach, by simplifying how customer data is ingested from systems of records, transactional data, and other data sources – all in real time. This enables our customers to fully leverage their business technology investments, while helping contact center agents close the feedback loop and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A win for our customers

Customer experience is at the forefront of every CEO’s mind and many believe they’ll compete on this alone. This is why many organizations have adopted business performance outcomes like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort, or other Customer Satisfaction measurements. By having a more comprehensive view of customer touchpoints across disconnected departments, systems, and channels (voice, email, text, chat, and social media), companies can enhance agent and customer experiences, with real-time, actionable insights that result in more personalized, authentic, individualized interactions, and more predictive analytics across the full enterprise customer journey.

By applying predictive analytics, our customers can improve their customers’ journey, boost agent productivity, and improve customer experiences that create tangible business outcomes that can help drive true return on investment.

Moving forward

Upon completion of the transaction, I’m looking forward to having the CloudCherry business team join my organization. The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year 2020. Until then, Cisco and CloudCherry will be functioning as two separate companies. After close, we’ll work diligently to integrate CloudCherry into Cisco’s products as smoothly as possible and to deliver the greatest value to our customers.

Visit our website for more information about this acquisition and Cisco Contact Center solutions.


*Customer Analytics Technologies Inc. is doing business as CloudCherry.



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