First we rolled out the MSE tech blog series to give our customers an in depth look at the various features of the location-based technology behind Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE) and Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solution. Now, we’re kicking off a CMX Techtorial video series to provide a visual and helpful walkthrough of how to maneuver and get started with CMX and location-based services.

First up, we have the charismatic Darryl Sladden, Technical Marketing Manager for CMX, taking us through CMX 7.6 Analytics. In this quick video, Darryl will cover:

  • What is CMX 7.6 Analytics?
  • What is the analytics dashboard?
  • How do I visualize dwell time, heat maps, device density?
  • What kinds of reports can you get with CMX 7.6 Analytics?

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences is a solution that lets organizations leverage their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and transform the way they connect with their mobile end-users.  The Cisco CMX solution is made up of three phases, detect, connect, and engage, which work in unison to create an end-to-end mobile experience that boosts customer satisfaction and improves operational efficiency.

  • Detect: Aggregate and visualize location data from the Wi-Fi network
  • Connect: Simply provision guest access to the Wi-Fi network
  • Engage: Customize the end-user mobile experience to delight customers in your venue

Today we’ve covered CMX 7.6 Analytics, which is part of Detect, with Darryl. Stay tuned for more CMX Techtorials in coming weeks from the CMX engineering team!

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Want to get your hands on the Mobility Services API?  Look no further than DevNet: https://developer.cisco.com/web/mobility-services/home