AN52162-2 v2The profound impact mobile devices has had on IT over the last decade is undeniable. Many can argue is it the largest of the four forces driving the next evolution of IT: Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC).  It’s hard to imagine the pace of social network evolution without mobile devices. Or the mass migration to cloud without the ‘App revolution.’ Our mobile devices are the critical ‘sensors’ driving the mass movement of big data and analytics, quickly evolving to connected things, the ‘Internet of Everything.’

With the advancement of ‘IoE,’ the next wave of mobile applications is upon us.  The days of on-demand, ‘client-pull’ information is becoming legacy. We are moving to the ‘IoE’ world where context aware mobile applications, combined with big data and sensory networks, will intelligently push data in a very targeted, personalized and non-invasive way to clients. 

This change in mobility is occurring at the same time the way IT consumption is changing. Line of businesses (LOBs) can now influence what technology solutions they will leverage to increased their bottom line. According to a recent article from NetworkWorld, up to 50% of all marketing hires in 2014 will have a technical background. The shift is happening, and successful mobility vendors will need to align to LOB requirements to be successful.

To meet the next wave of mobility, we are announcing the Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP).  Being released in late May 2014, EMSP easily integrates with intelligent Cisco infrastructure like the Connected Mobile Experience, Mobility Service Engine and Identity Service Engine as well as enterprise backend systems to deliver robust, hyper-context aware mobile application experiences, which meet your business needs.

Context aware mobile applications leverage information about ‘where’ the user is. In contrast, Hyper-context aware applications move beyond just location and include ‘who’ the user is, and ‘what’ interest or past behavior the user has exhibited. It provides pinpoint context precision, using mobile apps to enable ‘connected people.’  This information becomes the foundation for tailoring a personalized mobile application experience to the employee or customer, based on their wants and needs.

Businesses are looking for ways to capitalize on these new client experiences.  CMO’s realize that these mobile applications will have a direct impact to their bottom line.  CIO’s understand that securely mobilizing enterprise systems will have a dramatic impact on employee productivity.  It’s truly all about the apps.

How hard is it to enable these solutions?  With EMSP, it’s easier than you think.  Providing pre-built mobile apps, EMSP quickly enables vertical solutions that meet a variety of retail, healthcare and financial services use cases. These apps come packaged with the necessary adaptors and mobile app feature components to enable a complete mobile experience.

With EMSP you get all you need to take your mobile application strategy to the next level. Leveraging Cisco’s industry leading enterprise mobility infrastructure and EMSP, Cisco is your true end-to-end enterprise mobility vendor. See the EMSP webpage for more information. If you are a partner and would like to incorporate EMSP into your practice, please contact your Cisco Business Development Manager.


Hari Harikrishnan

Vice President

Application Platforms Group