[Webinar] Mobilize Your Employees with Cisco Solutions for a Mobile Workspace

We discussed the considerations behind the Cisco-Citrix Mobile Workspace solution to set the stage for the CVD (design guide available now!) earlier this month, and now we’ve planned a great technical deep-dive for customers and partners interested in finding out more about the Mobile Workspace Solution. It’s going to be at 10am PST Wednesday June 4, 2014 (Click to Register).

 Organizations are moving from just dealing with bring your own device (BYOD) and the influx of mobile devices to proactively developing solutions that use the full power of mobility. Because of the complexities and fluid technology horizon, this is often simpler said than done. Now you can simplify and accelerate your mobility projects by deploying a comprehensive mobility solution that has been tested and validated end to end. 

Working together with Citrix, Cisco has integrated industry-leading mobility technologies to deliver a secure Mobile Workspace Solution that can be deployed incrementally at a pace that meets your organization’s needs.

In this webinar, Cisco and Citrix experts will discuss how you can overcome the obstacles to delivering mobility to your employees, contractors, partners, and guests, anywhere on any device. You will gain a clear understanding of how to implement and enforce centralized policy across users, access, devices, apps, and content. We will also share primary design and sizing considerations to make sure of a great user experience.

You will also learn how you can use a combination of application delivery models, including native, HTML5, virtual, real time, and software as a service, so you can choose the approaches that best meet your security, performance, cost, and time-to-market requirements. And we will demonstrate how it all comes together.

We will also be sharing some lessons learned by Cisco’s own mobility rollout and direct you to the in-depth Mobile Workspace Solution Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for more detailed guidance. Register today for a spot in next Wednesday’s session.

If you want to learn some more about Mobile Workspace NOW, here’s a quick interview from the Mobile Workspace launch at Citrix Synergy.