Application Hosting on the Catalyst 9100 series access points allows organizations of all sizes to run IoT applications from the edge. As organizations integrate and deploy IoT services across their networks, the ability to optimize workflows, streamline IoT application changes, and simplify critical processes right out of the box, is essential. This includes having the ability to monitor IoT deployments end-to-end, as well as ongoing device and IoT network management. This is precisely why Cisco is developing integrations with vendors like Meshtech.

Cisco and Meshtech deliver seamless integration

Meshtech, based in Norway, develops IoT solutions that are used in smart buildings, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and more. Its portfolio includes a suite of sensors, asset monitoring, and control systems that are used for environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and usage analytics.

With Cisco’s Application Hosting capabilities, Meshtech devices communicate directly with the Cisco Catalyst access point. Application Hosting doesn’t replace the Meshtech application but rather it eliminates the need for additional hardware while adding additional device management features.

IT teams retain the same visibility into key performance indicators across Meshtech sensors including humidity levels, movement, and temperature. With Application Hosting, they gain additional visibility and control on the Cisco platform. This includes the status of IoT devices, placement of sensors, as well as the ability to push application updates. Together, the integrated solution provides advanced visibility, control, and support across the application lifecycle.

Meshtech dashboard
Meshtech dashboard

How it works

As with all Application Hosting solutions on the Catalyst platform, the solution takes advantage of Docker-style containers to host the application directly on the access point. Further simplifying the solution is its use of industrial Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Meshtech’s BLE module makes use of the integrated USB port in the Cisco Catalyst access points to control and manage any of Meshtech’s IoT devices.

Meshtech IoT Solutions - How it works

On the Meshtech side, a containerized version of its management application is hosted on the Cisco Catalyst access point. This allows Meshtech IoT devices communicate and share valuable data while also allowing IT Teams to control actions directly from the Cisco wireless network.

The below diagram showcases the breadth of Meshtech IoT devices supported with Application Hosting on Catalyst Access Points.

Meshtech IoT solutions
Meshtech solutions

Easy deployment and management

To summarize, Application Hosting enables the elimination of IoT overlay networks, which simplifies deployments and management while reducing costs. The Cisco Catalyst Access Point does all the heavy lifting by driving the application at the edge. With Application Hosting, there’s no need for additional IoT hardware, installation, or maintenance, everything is integrated.

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