mwc1_1Mobile World Congress 2014 continues this week in Barcelona with record attendances.

Many SP’s are exploring new ways to monetize their network investments, in an earlier posting some of these models were explored. Again this week these topics were again very much to the forefront with Service Providers actively discussing and exploring how to take the first steps to exploit this.


Hall 3 @ MWC Analytics:

The volume of traffic at the event was very large and as we can see in Hall 3 below, where Cisco along with a number of large companies are located, was very busy this morning. 


Here we can see that within the Cisco booth alone, 750 unique devices were seen before 11.30am, with an average dwell time of just over 26 minutes. This mirrors the feeling on the ground the the event started slowly this morning and got really busy from 10 am onwards.


Inside the Cisco Booth Analytics:

When looking at the booth layout itself it is interesting to note where the most crowded areas are:

Here we can see that this morning there was a lot of crowding at the entrance and just inside it, this then extended inside to the booth help desk area, and some to the coffee station along the back wall.


Viewing this information on a heatmap format also confirms the pattern of usage of the booth.


Comparing today v’s yesterday @ Cisco booth:

A further comparison of today versus yesterday in terms of device count by hour and dwell time by hour is quiet interesting. Yesterday had more devices that peaked around mid day to 3pm, however the dwell times today mimic yesterday almost exactly for the morning at least.


These analytics and others are being collected this week at MWC and providing very valuable and useful insights into the event and the people in attendance.

For an overall summary of the findings and outcomes of the week, and some other interesting applications of location information check back later in the week.

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Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences