mwc3_1Today MWC 2014 came to a close in Barcelona having been another resoundingly successful event.

Mobile operators and Service Providers have displayed ever increasing interest in Monitization of their infrastructure especially via WiFi and Cisco’s CMX solution.

During the week I had many conversations with SP’s from across the world while very different geographies and facing different challenges, a common theme among the meetings was how can Cisco help us find ways to generate new revenue streams and new monetization models.

At MWC we showed various demos that show how this can be achieved and provide many interesting ideas to the customers to help them think about their own businesses and how they may be successfully applied.

One demo was how various components of Cisco’s SP Architecture can improve services and provide montitization opportunities to a fictitious hotel resort chain with wired and wireless small cells, SON &  Analytics all working together.


Event Traffic:

A brief analysis of the event traffic over today and yesterday shows some interesting insights. YEsterday there were two very clear peaks in the number of devices in the halls with a peak of approximately 28k devices at about 11am. However today was substantially less at about 10k devices, which was very clear from the reduced number of people visible this morning.

Just narrowing in the analysis to Hall 3 where the Cisco booth was mirrors that analysis, with 2 peaks and a maximum at about 12pm with in the region of 8k devices seen.


Cisco Booth Statistics and Analysis:

Over the week there were 3340 unique devices detected in the Cisco booth – this was devices seen for 15minutes or more which indicates they either spent time in the booth, at a demo or meeting of some sort. Most devices were seen only once with some repeats 2 times, and generally only Cisco staff appearing more than that.


Here the dwell time distribution over the week can be seen with most staying up to 30minutes and a gradual tail off thereafter. Interestingly the pattern over the week shows that Tuesday and Wednesday were the busiest with peaks of between 175 and 200 devices during those days – Tuesday was most busy continuously, however Wednesday had greater peaks showing some intensely busy periods during the middle of the day with a peak of approximately 220 devices at one point within the booth area.


Interested in a location-based solution for your organization? Look no further than Cisco CMX. With features including CMX AnalyticsCMX ConnectCMX for Facebook Wi-Fi and CMX Engage, there are endless possibilities for ways you can leverage the Wi-Fi network as a platform for connecting to mobile users in your venue.

For more information on CMX visit: www.cisco.com/go/cmx.


Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences