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Customer Spotlight: Central Georgia Technical College Creates Blended Learning Environment

For most colleges with multiple campuses, connecting separate locations is a challenge, but Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC), located in Macon, GA, faces a taller order than most: its campus systems extends across 12 counties that total the size of Delaware state!

To address lower-than-average student retention rates CGTC decided to reevaluate its teaching model. In the past, the college allowed students to take courses via traditional face-to-face instruction, online courses, or a hybrid model of the latter and former. However, students were not allowed to switch options, so when a student’s schedule changed for any reason, many were forced to drop classes altogether. This issue affected CGTC’s retention rate and limited students’ academic opportunities.

To address its instruction model, the school developed a new educational model called BlendFlex learning.

BlendFlex relies on integrated course delivery and allows students to choose the right learning method for their needs. To make BlendFlex work, CGTC needed to implement advanced conferencing technologies to make sure students choosing online or hybrid learning options had access to all of the school’s academic assets.

CGTC deployed Cisco TelePresence, Jabber, and WebEx to provide an integrated and comprehensive virtual learning environment. To build its BlendFlex vision, CGTC implemented 81 Cisco TelePresence units throughout its campuses across six years to accommodate up to 150 simultaneous sessions and link its multiple locations.

Students can now easily access class content, case study discussions, and live interviews from work or from home. They can also take classes online by watching faculty lectures and other course content that are now available remotely. Whether it’s synchronously or asynchronously, weekly or by topic, students are learning in the manner that’s easiest for them.

To read more about the great benefits CGTC is seeing as a result of its new blended learning network, read the full case study. And check out how your college or university can create blended or distance learning environments on its own campuses here.

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  1. Dear Developer,
    Your technology tool is very flexible and has a lot to offer. When I read about the way it was customized to serve the Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC), located in Macon, GA, I immediately fell in love with such a wonderful technology. Moreover, I read that you can carry it on your mobile device which made me to begin to think of how this can possibly help my people.
    Now, when I clicked on the drop down button of countries and regions, I noticed that Africa is not mentioned on the list. My question is why is Africa left out in the list? Does that mean we cannot enjoy such a technology tool even on our powerful mobile phones (android and apple)? If so, what are the reasons?
    I personally want to try and also recommend it for others to use but first want to know why Africa is not on the list. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reaching out, Solomon! We do offer technology solutions in Africa and around the world. If you visit, you’ll see the option to change your location in the top right corner from Worldwide to your country or region. There you can find the technology available near you and get in touch with our team to learn more.