DevNet Create 2021 call-for-papers is open June 7th – July 9th

DevNet Create – Cisco’s annual, hands-on conference for application developers and infrastructure programmers – will be virtual this year and take place October 19-21. If you have interesting ideas, demos, best practices, coding tips, or lessons learned you’d like to share with the community… now is the time to let us know. Submit your proposal here.

Now in its fifth year, DevNet Create provides attendees a great opportunity to learn from developers across the community on a wide range of topics in the software development, cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure automation space. Attendees look forward to discussing how to approach design, user experience, and APIs when building applications. They want to learn tips for increasing performance and security, or how to design an application to be cloud-first. The conference dives into topics in IoT, Edge, Mobile computing, and AI/ML. We explore how these technologies can be leveraged to increase customer relevance, application performance, and drive innovation.

What developers want to hear

DevNet Create is a conference that lets application developers learn about, or even co-create, with apps and infrastructure. Presentations can share best practices for working with Cisco APIs; demonstrate real world use case backed by your code repos on DevNet Code Exchange and Automation Exchange; or introduce attendees to new, more efficient ways to use tools, technologies, and sandboxes.

Infrastructure developers attending the conference are eager to explore leading-edge topics like orchestration, DevOps, infrastructure as Code, Secure Access Service Edge, and Full Stack Observability.

And back again this year will be the Demo Jam, a chance to see innovative apps from the community around the world. Do you have a demo you’d like to share? Let us know!

An innovation promise

Cisco has made an innovation promise for our own applications. It’s a promise that strives to deliver on 5 pillars:

  • Customer & User Experience
  • Interoperability & Quality
  • Security Built-In
  • Simplicity & Cloud First
  • Visibility & Automation

In addition to hearing from Cisco teams, we want to hear from you, the community. How you put these principals into practice when you are creating your solutions!

We’re looking forward to putting together a robust and diverse conference agenda that meets the needs of different attendees, wherever they are on their learning journey. From how-to-get-started to technical deep dives… from 10-minute lightning talks to demos of your code tips and tricks…   we’re looking for presentations that will inspire and accelerate how developers build great applications and strong networks. And, help them advance their projects with greater speed and agility.

Submit your proposal today.

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Eric D. Thiel

Global Head of Developer Experience

Cisco DevNet