As an over 10-year veteran of Cisco Live, I have come back year after year to get the next level of technical insight I need to continue to advance my career. That included spending a lot of time in the DevNet Zones – from the first one in San Francisco to the most recent in Barcelona. But beyond that, I have always found the keynotes to be inspirational and a glimpse of where the industry is heading. And I have always sought the great technical sessions to learn from the experts on platforms and technologies that I work within my daily job.

This year Cisco Live Digital is all about possibilities. While it may be shifting from in-person to virtual, we are committed to providing attendees with an outstanding Cisco Live experience. With access to technology experts covering a wide range of focused technology tracks. Check them out:

Take time to see the bigger picture

Cisco Live going virtual provides an opportunity to welcome even more people into the growing DevNet community. Over 500,000 members strong and growing, the DevNet community is a place for network engineers, application developers, DevOps and IT professionals to meet, learn, share … get code, get docs, get skills, get certified… And sometimes take a moment to get the bigger picture.

That’s why I hope you’ll take the time to join DevNet Community leaders, Susie Wee and Mandy Whaley for a couple of keynote talks.

  • Join Mandy Whaley, Sr. Director, Cisco DevNet & Certifications, on Wednesday, June 17th from 10-10:30 PDT on the Possibilities Channel to learn how you can enable your team with the skills needed to meet the evolving demands of the network. She’ll share how Cisco and DevNet certifications, training programs, communities and tools, like Cisco Modeling Labs and developer sandboxes, bridge the gap between software and infrastructure skills and help you build your IT team for the future.
  • Join Susie Wee, SVP & GM of Cisco DevNet & CX Ecosystem Success on Wednesday, June 17th from 2-2:30 PDT on the Innovation Channel for her Accelerating Transformation, Innovation & Growth with Automation & Apps (DLBINT-39) talk. She’ll share examples of how the Cisco, CX and DevNet communities have come together to support customers and partners, and how you can empower your team with the automation and critical skills needed to perform and transform as we redefine how we work, today and in the future.

I hope you’ll join Susie and Mandy for their keynotes. Find all of our DevNet sessions in the Cisco Live On-Demand Library. And please check out the full agenda for DevNet Day – June 18th. These on-demand sessions are the same types of in-depth technical content as at an in-person Cisco Live, but now available to the whole world as part of our virtual event.

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Eric D. Thiel

Global Head of Developer Experience

Cisco DevNet