DevNet Day is now scheduled for June 18. We appreciate your understanding as we paused to focus on current events. We look forward to joining our extended community of developers. Thank you to all who have registered, you’ll receive confirmation shortly. If you have not yet registered, there’s still time to Register Now.

Security is always top of mind for everyone. That’s why Christopher Van Der Made, I, plus a few of our friends from the Cisco Security BU, Cisco CX, Cisco Techincal Marketing Engineering, and Sales Engineering are excited to bring you the Cisco Security Track at DevNet Day.

The track includes “Start Now” sessions for those of you who are new to the technologies, and some technical sessions to help you take your skills to the next level. We also have some quick hit lightning talks designed to ramp you up quickly and you don’t want to miss the Cisco SecureX demo!

Here’s what’s in the DevNet Day Cisco Security Track

Start Now: Cisco Security Programmability & Automation
With Oxana Sannikova, Gabriel Manor, Yatish Joshi, Christopher Van Der Made, Kyle Winters, Jared Smith, Krishan Veer

This 40-minute session talks about the core programmability options for Cisco security technologies. We will give an overview of Cisco Security APIs and cover how to get started using APIs for:

We will also give an introduction on how to get started on preparing to earn your Cisco DevNet Security Certification.

Lightning Talk: Cisco Firepower’s REST API to secure Office 365 traffic
With DevNet Developer Advocate, Christopher Van Der Made

Nowadays, an increasing amount of Cloud SaaS-applications are being consumed. Office 365 (O365) has become a popular choice to consume Microsoft’s email, voice, and file-sharing applications. Due to these changes in the consumption of applications, we need to think differently about how to secure our networks, endpoints, and users. O365 is being used as context for this session, but this relates to most SaaS. Microsoft has a Web Service API, which publishes the IP-addresses and URL’s used by the O365 Cloud infrastructure.

When it comes to edge security solutions (e.g. Next-Generation Firewalls and Web-Proxies), Microsoft recommends to trust/exclude all O365 traffic to prevent any potential latency to the O365 traffic (which can disrupt their service). In this session, participants will learn and see how to use Cisco Firepower’s REST API to leverage this Web Service API and exclude this traffic from (further) deep packet inspection. All the used configurations and Python scripts will be available for the participants after the session.

Technical Session: Deep dive on Cisco Firepower APIs
With Jared Smith – Principal Engineer & Firepower FDM Architect, and Dr. Yatish Joshi – Technical Leader & FMC Threat Management Architect.

In this two-part talk about Firepower, we will explore the Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) management using FTD & FMC APIs.

  • Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) API – In the first half, Jared will introduce the Firepower Threat Defense API. There will be two demos – one covering Ansible access rule creation and the other covering the bulk (import/export) API.
  • Firepower Management Center (FMC)- In the second half, Yatish will talk about the Firepower Management Center and go over the new features and capabilities added in recent releases. He will give a brief overview of the threat portfolio and show a demo of how to leverage the FMC APIs for ingestion of custom threat intelligence.

Demo and Lighting Talk: Introducing Cisco SecureX
With Ben Greenbaum – Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco SecureX & Threat Response

You may have heard about it… If so you’re probably curious about it… What is Cisco’s security platform SecureX? What does it mean to you and your organization? What can it bring you? And most relevant to our developer community, how can you add onto it and tie it into your existing infrastructure, policies, playbooks, and products?

In this pair of short 10-minute sessions, Ben will introduce you to the purpose, design, concepts, features, and customer/partner developer opportunities of our next-generation security integration and orchestration toolset.

Register now for the virtual event, June 18

You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to learn more about Cisco security! Register now to join us for the DevNet Day Security Track.

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