This post is excerpted from an article published on Cisco’s internal website, Cisco Employee Connection. 

WWF_LPCCisco is committed to building a brilliant future through innovation, education, and sustainability. That’s why the Cisco UK team is thrilled to support the World Wildlife Foundation, the world’s leading independent conservation organization, by providing new and refurbished technology for WWF’s new U.K. headquarters, the Living Planet Centre (LPC).

WWF is responsible for helping tackle some of the world’s most significant environmental challenges across the globe, sharing potential solutions along the way. Yet the foundation’s U.K. employees were working in a building that was out of date, physically, environmentally, and technologically. So WWF approached Cisco to assist in making a lasting difference.

The LPC is located in Woking; about 30 minutes from London by train. It’s an impressive piece of architecture and is at the forefront of sustainable design and construction.

CSR_sidebar_2The building boasts an 80-meter arched diagrid roof with photovoltaic panels for solar energy and extensive glass to maximize natural light. Four specially designed recycled aluminum wind cowls provide natural ventilation as air circulates through the building. The water management system includes rainwater harvesting and recycling. Ground-source heat pumps mean less energy is used for heating and cooling the building. This innovative feature cools the server room—which houses Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS)—with renewable energy.

The materials used in construction were sourced responsibly, with recycled materials where possible.

The technologies we provide, with the support of partner Dimension Data, revolutionize WWF’s working practices, transform its communications, and empower the foundation to reduce its carbon footprint.

A portfolio of our collaboration applications allow WWF employees to work more flexibly and productively. For example, there are no designated workstations. Employees can work anywhere at the LPC. Using our AnyConnect and Jabber solutions, they can work from home at their convenience. By supporting mobility both inside and outside the center, WWF is able to use its office space more efficiently and reduce the need to commute. New voice and video capabilities also lessen the need for business travel.

“Cisco is in the business of connecting the unconnected. By partnering with WWF we are connecting humanity with nature,” said Phil Smith, CEO, Cisco UK & Ireland. “This is an exciting evolution for WWF and a unique opportunity for us to jointly innovate and inspire change. The Living Planet Centre will be a showcase for sustainable technology just as much as it is for sustainable architecture and design.”


Alexis Raymond

Senior Manager

Chief Sustainability Office