Sven Kutzer

Senior Systems Engineer

ProComp Professional Computer GmbH in Germany

Sven is a Senior Systems Engineer at ProComp Professional Computer GmbH in Germany. His specialties include Cisco Unified Wireless Infrastructure and Cisco Cloud Networking (Meraki), particularly the Prime Infrastructure, the Presence Analytics from Meraki and the Mobility Service Engines. Sven has passed the CCNA Wireless and aspires to CCNP. The Cisco Champion Program is another step forward, giving Sven the opportunity to collaborate with peers and share his passion with other people on Social Media, Blogs and other communication channels.


June 24, 2015


Like Chalk and Cheese: Cisco ASA 5506-X with Release 9.4.1 – Policy Based Routing

Earlier this Year, Cisco introduced the Cisco ASA 5506-X with FirePOWER Services. This Model should replace the successful and smallest Security...

January 15, 2015


Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services – How to get infected

On October 7, 2013 Cisco completed the acquisition of Sourcefire. At that time, I recognized this via Twitter and checked out the products on their website. I was excited to...

April 2, 2014


Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN)

In the last three weeks, I have been to two Cisco Events. The first was in Munich (Halbergmoos), which was a dedicated IWAN Workshop in the Cisco Offices and the second was the Cisco Network Innovation Summit in Berlin. I was inspired about the technology and the possibilities of IWAN. What the heck is IWAN? […]

March 21, 2014


Cisco Meraki – Guest Access in an MPLS branch

A couple of months ago I designed a Cisco Unified Wireless Network for an enterprise company. One of the big challenges was the ability to serve wireless guest services in the branch offices, which are connected to the headquarters via MPLS. Mostly the MPLS connections are terminated in the LAN zone, so it is difficult […]