Stephanie Gaspar

No Longer with Cisco

Steph Gaspar manages the digital and social media marketing strategy for Cisco Internet of Things. In her 4 years at Cisco, she has held roles doing marketing communications in areas ranging from Enterprise Networking to Software Defined Networking to Customer Success. Stephanie is a graduate of Tulane University from where she holds a BA in Latin American Studies, Spanish, and Business. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and yoga.


February 20, 2018


Ask the IoT Whiz #CiscoChat Podcast: The Future of IoT – Connected Cities and Industries

1 min read

In this podcast, take a glance at urban IoT initiatives — what they look like, what challenges they entail, and their ultimate impact on cities.

Effects of New Tax Laws on SMBs

3 min read

On Dec. 22, 2017, President Trump signed a $1.5 trillion rewrite of the tax code into law. What exactly does this mean for SMBs going forward?

Top 5 Predictions for SMBs in 2018

2 min read

Take a look at the business and buyer trend predictions that we believe are relevant and most likely to have an impact on SMBs in 2018.

November 21, 2017


#CiscoChat Podcast | Ask the IoT Whiz: The Digital Age of Retail

1 min read

In this 3rd installment of Ask the IoT Whiz, we're talking about retail in the digital age — a particularly pertinent topic as we roll into the holiday season and through mega shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

October 4, 2017


#CiscoChat Podcast | Ask the IoT Whiz: Defending Your Operations in the Era of IoT

1 min read

This Cybersecurity Month, I’m pleased to present you with the second installment of the Ask the IoT Whiz #CiscoChat podcast, Defending Your Operations in the Era of IoT.

#CiscoChat Podcast | Ask the IoT Whiz: Migrating M2M Networks to IP

1 min read

Today, we are excited to announce the inaugural episode of #CiscoChat Podcast, all about migrating legacy Machine-to-Machine (M2M) networks to modern IP networks.

California CIO Academy Conference – Transformation Using IoT

2 min read

Government can play a crucial role by not only embracing IoT, but also promoting IoT, and making rules and policies that will accelerate adoption, while addressing privacy and security concerns.