I’m thrilled to present the 3rd installment of Ask the IoT Whiz just in time for the holiday season. In this episode, we’ll be talking about retail in the digital age — a particularly pertinent topic with mega shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday already here.

Whether you’re brand new to retail or have been involved in the industry throughout the rise of the digital age, this #CiscoChat podcast has something for you. Our experts this episode, Derek Dykens, Retail Business Development Manager, Daryl Coon, CMX Product and Solutions Manager, and Bill Rubino, Wireless Product and Solutions Manager, start with an overview of retail the last few years, beginning with the pre-Amazon era of shopping and continuing up to present day. Then, the conversation shifts to look at Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) for retail platform, the role of wireless investments in retail, and the digital tools in place for today’s retail associates. Join us for answers to the following questions:

  • How is IoT present in today’s retail industry, and how is it influencing the industry as a whole?
  • How can retailers add personalization, relevance, and recommendations for shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores in the same way they’ve done for online shoppers?
  • How can digital-ready networks help retailers improve the in-store shopping experience?

Tune in as we explore emerging retail trends, predictions for the 2017 holiday shopping season, and how the Internet of Things can help retailers better serve customers. Download the episode on SoundCloud, or listen now.

For more information on some of the topics, technologies, and solutions we covered today, check out the links below. If you have questions or feedback, add your contribution to the conversation on Twitter at @Cisco_IoT or by posting in the comments section.


Digital Retail – cs.co/9009D8PNc
Free trial of Mobility Express and CMX Cloud – cs.co/9009D8P4X
CMX Experience for Retail video – cs.co/9005D8Pfb
Mobility in Retail – cs.co/9007D8YUf
Cisco IoT – cs.co/9009D8PfL

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