In this special episode of the #CiscoChat podcast, we’re bringing you the latest installment of our IoT technical talk series, Ask the IoT Whiz. Recorded on the Cisco Live Barcelona show floor earlier this month, this podcast takes a glance at urban IoT initiatives — what they look like, what challenges they entail, and their ultimate impact on cities.

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In this episode, I chat with both Director of Product Management, Samuel Pasquier, and Product Engineer at Linz AG, Georg Linhard. Georg kicks off the conversation by talking about his role at Linz AG, a public utility company in the Austrian city of Linz. He describes the different IoT-oriented transportation and energy management initiatives he’s worked on, details how he’s collaborated with Cisco to digitally transform these critical services, and provides a peek at what’s coming next for Linz AG.

Press play for answers to the following questions:

  1. What are some real-world benefits of connected cities? What IoT successes has Georg seen so far with Linz AG?
  2. Which Cisco solutions does Georg rely on to digitally connect the citizens of Linz?
  3. How can IT experts ensure the security of an ever-increasing number of connected devices?

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Stephanie Gaspar

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