As we kick off Cisco Live Las Vegas, we are excited to announce the inaugural episode of #CiscoChat Podcast. #CiscoChat Podcast explores topics related to networking, IT, IoT, collaboration, security, cloud, data centers, and more.

In this first installment of the #CiscoChat Podcast, we open with an recurring series called “Ask the IoT Whiz.” On each episode of Ask the IoT Whiz, we’ll speak with experts as we address questions from you — our community of listeners. This episode’s questions will help to guide you through the common challenges that arise in migrating legacy Machine-to-Machine (M2M) networks to modern IP networks. This migration is key to digital transformation, but there are many obstacles to overcome along the way.

I’m your Ask the IoT Whiz host and in this episode I am joined by Duval Yeager, Cisco Product Marketing Manager and IoT Subject Matter Expert. Throughout the chat, we address some of your most compelling questions, including:

  • How to secure IoT devices in the wake of security hacks like the Mirai botnet
  • How to ensure mission-critical services can be prioritized when operating in a shared IP network space
  • How to overcome the challenge of small-packet processing

This first episode is full of great information to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face in your legacy M2M migration. Listen below, and join the conversation in the comments section. You can also reach Cisco IoT directly on Twitter.

Download the episode on SoundCloud, or listen here now!

To find out more about the topics discussed in this episode, stop by the IoT and Industry District at Cisco Live or visit the links below:



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