Paul Zimmerman


DevNet Developer Advocacy

Paul Zimmerman is the manager for DevNet Developer Success, focusing on helping Cisco's partner and customer developers. He has spent over 25 years around various parts of Cisco, working with phones, servers, software, open source, and now the DevNet program. Paul has a passion for content and collaboration.

You can find Paul on GitHub: https://github.com/paulzim


December 18, 2023


Celebrating 10 Years of DevNet at Cisco Live APJC

2 min read

Cisco Live is a fantastic event for developers to participate in hands-on labs. It gives them a chance to learn about and experiment with new Cisco technologies and solutions along side fellow developers and product experts.

January 17, 2023


The Many Flavors of DevOps

5 min read

NetDevOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, DataOps, NoOps... What's it all mean? Get a better understanding of the many DevOps job roles and the different directions the roles are taking across the software technology spectrum.

June 15, 2022


Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging in the Developer Community

4 min read

Cisco DevNet has over 600,000 members, and our Cisco Developer Community Forums bring together over 45,000 unique visitors every month. Our diversity creates dynamic conversations, and our inclusion invites collaboration.

September 23, 2021


Start Your DevNet Create 2021 with the “Start Now” Channel

2 min read

Check out the complete agenda of sessions and demos coming to the DevNet Create 2021 Start Now Channel. Developers of all levels will find content that's gets you inspired and moves your skills forward.

September 15, 2020


Interested in Coding? Join “Start Now” at DevNet Create

3 min read

Want to learn to code? Or see how coders are driving business solutions in network automation and IoT application development? Register now for the October 13th global DevNet Create Virtual conference - where applications meet infrastructure.

October 29, 2019


Got Code Goblins? Who Ya Gonna Call?

2 min read

Knowledge base...chat...technical forums...and more. Check out the many ways DevNet provides support for developers.

September 10, 2018


New Community Platform is a Win for Developers

3 min read

New community forums platform makes it easier for application developers and network engineers to connect with Cisco subject-matter experts.