DevNet bug busters! With Halloween coming up, scary creatures are afoot, and nothing can terrify a developer more than a problem in their code. DevNet provides several ways for you to get some help through our Developer Support page.

DevNet support

First, you can visit the DevNet knowledge base. Here, you can search on your topic to find published articles on many topics. You will find lots of helpful information on products such as IOx, Finesse, Meraki, and others.

If you are looking for a quick answer that you are not finding in the knowledge base, you can post your question on DevNet’s Webex Teams chat rooms. DevNet gurus from Developer Advocacy and Developer Support are monitoring these rooms, and experts from the wider Cisco community also jump on to help people with questions. These rooms are very dynamic and popular, so it’s a good way to get a fast answer.

DevNet support Creator awardStephen Welsh from Unified FX receiving his DevNet Creator 2019 award, recognized for several things including his activity on the DevNet Webex Teams rooms (with Amanda Whaley and Susie Wee)

For more detailed questions, the developer forums on the Cisco Community provide a way to post your request to get knowledgeable answers. This community leverages its 800,000 members to help you find answers. Unlike the chat option, your question remains visible in the forums and you can provide detailed materials like code snippets for people to review. Each technology on DevNet has an associated community forum, so you should be able to find help on your issues.

If none of these options are getting you the answer you need, DevNet offers one-on-one, case-based support tickets. If you are a Solution Partner, you get support tickets as part of your annual subscription. If you are not a Solution Partner or you have used up all of your provided tickets, you can purchase tickets on the DevNet Support page using your credit card. With a support ticket, you get individual attention on your issue and the engineer will stay with your problem until a resolution is found. Once submitted, you will get a response on your ticket within one business day, and with a global support team, your time zone should not be an issue. Please keep in mind that DevNet only provides ticket support on certain products in networking, collaboration, and IoT technologies.

So keep on coding and don’t be afraid… DevNet has got you covered!

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