Non-coder job roles also welcome at DevNet Create

Cisco DevNet’s annual DevNet Create conference is going virtual this year (October 13th), and it’s open for everyone.  In this case, we do mean EVERYONE!

There are channels at the conference, of course, for experienced coders who want to dive deep into product APIs. But there is also a channel for those of you who are interested in learning what it’s all about to be a developer and explore coding. Or maybe you work with developers or business leaders looking to innovate through software, and want to have a better understanding of the processes and methods developers use to solve business problems. Or perhaps you’re curious to see how APIs work. Whatever your motivation, you’re welcome at DevNet Create 2020’s “Start Now” channel!

Focus on Learning

The Start Now channel will host a variety of topics. Some will help to get you set up to start coding. Other topics may show you how coders are driving business solutions through network automation and IoT applications. There will be an introduction to what DevNet is all about. Also, tutorials on developer topics like version control using Git, coding in Python, and using REST APIs will all be covered. These discussions will go over essential basics for these topics, led by some of DevNet’s top Developer Advocates.

In addition to these classes, you can also learn more about DevNet certifications, which can help you prepare for jobs using many different networking and collaboration technologies. You can learn about both free and paid options to enhance your developer skills and how trainings like the DevNet Associate Fundamentals course and guided study groups can help you study and prepare to earn your DevNet Associate Certification.

The World of Developers

DevNet Create Start NowWhile learning about coding is certainly a key part of understanding the developer role, the real impact comes when you engage the developer community. This collaborative aspect of the developer role is a defining concept of the profession. At the Start Now Channel at DevNet Create, you will meet DevNet Developer Advocates and community members who may become valuable cohorts as you pursue your career goals. You will see how code can be shared through DevNet’s Code Exchange and Automation Exchange.

One of the most exciting things about attending a conference is seeing what others in the community have to offer. While DevNet Create is virtual this year, we understand how important it is to see what others are doing, especially when it comes to code development and APIs. The See it. Learn it. Code it. segment on the Start Now Channel brings developers out to share their APIs, demonstrate how they work, provide information on how you can use them, and perhaps provide you with inspiration for your next steps.

Global Fun

While learning is great, but beyond all of this great content, there will be prizes and raffles, so you have a chance to get some DevNet swag! The Start Now Channel will be a fun place to be during DevNet Create.

You don’t have to be concerned about missing this conference because of the time zone in which you live. This is a global conference! It’s being held on October 13, but the conference will be hosted in three different time zones: U.S. Pacific Daylight Time, Australian Eastern Standard Time, and British Summer Time. It’s also free, so you just need to block out your time!

  • Get ready to grow your network automation and application development skills
  • Dedicated learning tracks for all levels of experience
  • Free, virtual, global conference October 13th

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