Nikitha Omkar

Marketing Manager

Cloud Solutions, Americas

Nikitha Omkar is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Cloud Solutions for the Americas. Prior to this, she was leading Account-Based Marketing (ABM) at Brillio; an emerging technologies startup into Digital Transformation and Big Data Analytics, as well as various Sales and Marketing positions in Wipro and Avaya. She has a background in Telecommunication Engineering and an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from the Indian School of Business.

Nikitha lives in the Bay Area with her husband (both foodies), and their favorite pastime is checking out new cuisines and local eateries. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling, swimming and basketball. She is passionate about social media, learning new and creative ways to engage with audiences in today's increasingly digital world, and aims to simplify technology for even the most 'technologically challenged'.


June 23, 2017


The Superheroes of Cisco Live and Why it’s Good to Have Your Head in The Clouds

3 min read

At Cisco Live US 2017, we celebrate the ones who hold IT all together; who keep IT running; the heroes and superheroes. You are IT and we salute you!

February 28, 2017


Millennials About To Rock…The Cloud Salutes You!

5 min read

Millennials are often judged as being ‘lazy, impatient and self-entitled.’ We want it all and we want it now (myself included!) But is that really a bad thing? Look at all the innovations that our impatience and need for convenience has sparked. The moment we wake up, we check our mails, read the day’s news and pay our bills all from the convenience of our smart phones. We ask Alexa to book us an Uber, grab our morning cuppa on the way to work, and pay for it all with our phone or even our watch. If there ever was a time when impatience was rewarded, it is now!