Kenn Dodson

Industry Expert + Author

US Industries

With a background that bridges both the public and private sectors, Kenn brings a creative approach to telling the story of how technology and innovation can impact our daily lives for the better. Kenn has served as an instructor of design at Campbell University and holds a Masters Degree and license in Landscape Architecture with experience in large scale government and private development projects. Once his work day is done, Kenn enjoys spending time with his wife in the beauty of Creation (hiking and gardening). He also enjoys writing about his experiences wandering the globe. You can read more about his adventures at www.kenndodson.com.


May 23, 2022


Broadband Planning: Who Should Lead, and How?

3 min read

A realistic and inclusive broadband planning process is key to your project's success. You'll also need a strong leader. But who should lead and what should the process look like?

October 12, 2021


Student engagement: Tools to Overcome Inequity

4 min read

As classroom-based learning moves back to the front-burner, two new tools are driving the next generation of student engagement: cloud calling and intelligent endpoints.

February 5, 2019


The 3 Gifts: How Cisco Secretly Changes the World

3 min read

Kenn shares how Cisco's technology and work/life balance enabled him to work from Thailand while his wife tended to ailing parents, and about giving back to the local community.