Kami Periman

Financial Services Subject Matter Expert

Marketing & Communications

Kami Periman has expertise in Financial Services, Technology and Education. Prior to Cisco she worked at BB&T, one of the ten largest U.S. financial services firms, where she developed customer acquisition and retention marketing strategies to support the firm’s goal of becoming more relevant to the digital-first consumer.

Prior to BB&T, her experience in Marketing Communications at a privately-held early learning educational technology firm included content development, product marketing, events management, and integrated marketing campaign design and implementation.

Kami earned an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Medill School at Northwestern University, preceded by a B.A. in Speech Communications: Public Relations from UNCG.

A North Carolina native, Kami lives in Winston-Salem, NC and enjoys spending time with her grandparents and mother, her English Bulldog Petunia, and two cats. She spends her free time gardening and enjoys visiting the NC coast.


August 29, 2017


How to Prevent the Bank Robbery No One Can See

“This is a stickup! Give me all your bitcoins!” If Butch and Sundance were alive today, they would ride into banks invisibly on malware to digitally deliver their demands.

August 15, 2017


What Banking (and Life) Could Look Like in 2021

An explosion of advancements in fintech, insurtech, and regtech continue to disrupt the financial services industry. It’s hard to keep up, and even harder to imagine what banking will look like in 5 short years.

July 26, 2017


Process Paralysis? Create a More Agile Workplace in Financial Services

Collaborative technologies are allowing financial institutions to become more flexible by documenting, accessing, and leveraging the collective knowledge across global locations.

July 12, 2017


4 Ways Collaborative Technology Can Lead to Happier Bank Employees

  In established companies, people are the biggest cost—as well as the biggest asset. As banks compete for the best talent, many are realizing they need to re-examine the fundamentals of how they operate. Even traditional financial institutions built on top-down process and authority are looking for ways for employees to drive informed, collaborative decision-making. […]

July 1, 2017


What the Nyetya Ransomware Attack Means for Banks

Today, the world is still reeling from another ransomware attack, referred to as Petya, NotPetya, Petrwrap, and GoldenEye. Cisco’s Talos Threat Intelligence Team identified this variant of malware as Nyetya.

June 12, 2017


Is Online Banking Getting Old?

Many years ago, my family used to drive to our local community bank to cash checks, make deposits, and pay bills. My grandmother would wait in a longer line to...

May 16, 2017


Ransomware Lessons for the Financial Services Industry

As long as there have been banks, there have been bank robbers. In the past, bank robbers may have held up bank tellers at gunpoint. Today, threats are less visible—but just as frightening. This weekend’s massive ransomware attack demonstrated just how pervasive, far-reaching, and devastating a cyberattack can be. What is ransomware? Even if you […]