Jon Woolwine

Senior Director

Cisco IT

Jon leads Cisco IT's Network Services team. He is responsible for providing a highly available and secure network to Cisco’s global workforce and applications by applying Cisco's latest technologies and offerings. Leveraging his broad experience in IT, Jon previously led the development of Cisco IT's cloud strategy and software-defined networking strategy. Since joining Cisco in 2001, Jon has been partnering with product engineering teams to help shape and improve Cisco solutions, and he frequently shares Cisco IT’s experiences with customers.


September 14, 2022


Break glass in case of emergency: How a SASE approach can solve remote network outages

What happens when a network outage prevents network operators from accessing the network they need to troubleshoot and repair? Cisco+ Secure Connect provides VPN-as-a-Service using a SASE solution that enables secure connectivity and private access to an out-of-band network.

August 21, 2013


SDN and Network Programmability: First Five Use Cases for Cisco IT

The Cisco IT network services team views network programmability—the broader category that includes SDN, or Software-Defined Networking—as one of our top priorities. To clarify terms, SDN is a network architecture that decouples the control plane (that is, the building of a routing table) from the data plane, moving the control plane to a software-based centralized […]