Hilton Romanski

Senior Vice President

Chief Strategy Officer

In his role as Cisco's Chief Strategy Officer, Hilton Romanski is responsible for shaping Cisco’s corporate strategy and applying tools that allow Cisco to anticipate and lead market transitions. Hilton oversees Cisco’s $2 billion venture and private equity investment portfolio, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, the integration of new business models, and fostering disruptive innovations.


April 30, 2014


There is No Limit to Innovation

There is no limit to innovation.  Cisco has embraced that idea for more than three decades with our build, buy, partner and integrate growth strategy.  Part of that strategy is investing in order to gain insights and drive new innovation.  True to that spirit, we have just announced the next evolution of the Cisco Investments[1] […]

January 8, 2014


Cisco Investments Shape the Disruptions that will Define Tomorrow’s World

It’s impossible to predict the future, especially when it comes to the impact of technology on our lives.  This has been true since the time of the very earliest human inventions, and in the modern era, we no longer need decades and multiple generations to see these changes; they are immediate and have the power […]

December 17, 2013


Cisco Announces Acquisition of Collaborate.com

As the rapidly developing mobility and cloud markets transform the technology landscape, the population of mobile workers looking to extend the boundaries of their offices continues to grow. They want to connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly, and their organizations are seeking user-friendly, mobile-centric collaboration tools that enable teams to work faster while being as productive […]

September 10, 2013


Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire WHIPTAIL

The Internet of Everything is delivering profound changes to the world. By 2017 there will be more than 19 billion networked devices globally – bringing a deluge of data on today’s IT environments. Against this backdrop, we are witnessing a move from the Web Economy of the early 2000s to the App Economy of today, […]

June 20, 2013


Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Composite Software

Big data and cloud are drastically changing today’s IT landscape. The proliferation of traditional and new data sources plus the movement of data to the cloud complicate a company’s ability...

May 29, 2013


Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire JouleX

Today, I’m pleased to announce Cisco’s intent to acquire JouleX, a leader in enterprise IT energy management for network-attached and data center assets. JouleX provides software for networked devices for enterprise and data center energy management, analytics, policy governance and compliance. IT energy consumption is one of the largest unmanaged expenses and as a result […]

April 3, 2013


Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Ubiquisys

Today, I am pleased to announce Cisco’s intent to acquire Ubiquisys, a privately-held company headquartered in Swindon, UK for $310 million in cash and employee retention incentives. Ubiquisys is...

March 25, 2013


Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire SolveDirect

The network is emerging as the central nervous system for business in today’s hyper-connected world. As a result, it will be expected that people, things and sources of data are...

March 20, 2013


M&A: Taking Action When it Matters Most

Innovation is the engine that powers Cisco. Its machinery was first assembled by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team with a great idea to connect the computers of two departments at Stanford University. It has since been turbo-charged by the simple notion that an open, standards-based communication protocol can be extended across the many ways […]