Learn the basics of our integrated, cloud-based security platform and how you can benefit from it now 

We first unveiled Cisco Security Cloud, our vision for the future of security, last year during the RSA Conference. Since then, we have been charging full speed ahead to bring this vision to reality. If you tuned into Cisco Live EMEA earlier this month, you may have noticed this progression in our show announcements. But first, let’s recap the basics of what the Cisco Security Cloud is, why we’re bringing it to fruition, and how you can start taking advantage of this platform now.

What is Cisco Security Cloud?  

Cisco Security Cloud is an integrated, cloud-based platform that leverages common services and rich telemetry to secure on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. It enables organizations to safeguard users, devices, and applications across an entire ecosystem.

By correlating actionable data, and employing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Cisco Security Cloud can detect threats quickly throughout an organization. This results in seamless, comprehensive security for the way the world works today.

Our cloud-delivered platform will feature unified management for multiple networks and cloud providers, allowing companies to avoid vendor lock-in. It can scale up or down to accommodate ever-changing business needs, and includes open APIs for easy third-party integrations.

Cisco Security Cloud removes friction and frustration from security, making it a business enabler versus a restrictor. Both security teams and end users gain stronger, more simplified protection for their critical assets and data.

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Why is Cisco Security Cloud a must-have for modern networks?

Organizations are adopting multicloud environments to keep up with the rapid pace of business. Attackers are feverishly consuming new tools, tactics, and techniques to break into your network. Meanwhile, your users and data are constantly on the go — from the office to the home and everywhere in between.

All this evolution creates exponential layers of complexity. And complexity is the enemy of security. Multiple, disjointed systems defending various segments of your network can lead to gaps in visibility, allowing threat actors to slip through the cracks and remain inside your environment for an alarming period of time.

According to Cisco’s latest Security Outcomes Report, nearly two-thirds of organizations report experiencing major security incidents that jeopardized business operations. Today’s businesses must embrace security resilience to survive the long haul. But to truly be cyber resilient, strong defenses alone are no longer enough. Security must also be nimble, adaptable, and above all, easy to use and manage. It can’t stand in the way of getting business done.

Why Cisco?

As an industry leader in both networking and security, Cisco has unmatched expertise when it comes to knowing which threats are out there, how they can infiltrate your environment, and what types of defenses are needed. To date, we secure 840,000 networks, 67 million mailboxes, and 87 million endpoints.

Through the Cisco Security Cloud, we will deliver this expertise via one coordinated, automated system for faster, more efficient protection across all your infrastructure. We are bringing our wide breadth of solutions, in-depth threat research, and global reach together to secure companies of any type and size in a way that best meets their unique requirements.

Cisco Security Cloud is built on a robust, flexible portfolio of security technologies, backed by the unparalleled threat intelligence of Cisco Talos. By securely connecting people and devices everywhere to applications and data anywhere, Cisco Security Cloud enhances organizational resilience for a multicloud world. It can secure data on all major public clouds and support modern computing including hybrid work and IoT.

How can customers benefit from Cisco Security Cloud?

Companies are now hyper-connected. Everyone is an insider — from your employees to partners to suppliers and even customers. With Cisco Security Cloud, you can effectively safeguard everything and everyone your network touches.

Adventist Health is adopting a holistic security strategy with Cisco. “Taking a comprehensive security approach with Cisco security, including the integrated threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, keeps us up to date and enables us to detect emerging threats before we even know they’re an issue,” said Ed Vanderpool, IT Technical Manager at Adventist Health. “Moving toward an integrated, comprehensive platform with Cisco makes sure that we are truly secure, no matter if it’s at a local site or in the cloud.”

As Norway’s largest university, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has as many as 110,000 endpoints connecting to its network on any given day. “Cisco enables us to provide protection anywhere the users are, no matter what they’re doing,” said Christoffer Vargtass Hallstensen, head of the Security Operations Center (SOC) for the university. “Cisco’s approach to security as a platform of integrations, with Cisco products, in-house developed tools, and third-party vendors, lays the foundation for highly adaptable security operations.”

Hitachi advances security to keep up with evolving risks

Innovation powerhouse Hitachi is leveraging SASE and zero trust technologies from Cisco to keep up with evolving attacks and new demands including digitization, hybrid work, IoT and cloud computing. “Formerly, the closed network and perimeter-based defense worked well to prevent threats to a certain degree for an environment where everything was located inside the premises,” said Hitoshi Tanaka, General Manager of Global Solutions at Hitachi. “But such defense is not good enough to combat threats these days.”

“We need to protect more users, objects, systems, and devices from sophisticated exploitation, including targeted attacks that cannot be prevented by conventional security measures. Plus, what we need to protect is scattered all over the place.”
– Hitoshi Tanaka, General Manager of Global Solutions, Hitachi

What’s next for Cisco Security Cloud?

We continue to build towards the Cisco Security Cloud with innovations in SASE, XDR, zero trust, and secure hybrid work solutions. By engaging with Cisco to implement these advanced security architectures, companies can begin to take advantage of the cloud for powerful integration and automation, and soon transform their security infrastructure into a single, cloud-native protection platform. Cohesive platforms like Cisco Security Cloud will be imperative for building cyber resilience and addressing future security challenges.

Recent momentum announced at Cisco Live EMEA includes advancements in zero trust, secure connectivity, and application security within our Cisco Duo, Cisco+ Secure Connect, and AppDynamics offerings. These new features are designed to provide a frictionless user experience while minimizing organizational risk — crucial components for boosting resilience.

Be sure to join us at the RSA Conference 2023 where we will release major updates to the Cisco Security Cloud for delivering unified, end-to-end security across hybrid, multicloud environments.

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