security heroes

November 15, 2023


The nominees to the Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 for the Asia Pacific Region.

Meet the four fabulous cybersecurity leaders and professionals who had been nominee by other cisco customers for Cybersecurity Defender of the Year in APJC. Let that their stories will inspire you and show another way to afford your daily fight against threats

June 7, 2023


Honoring the Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 for Americas

Discover the winner of Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 in the Americas Region and how you can nominate yourself for the next year’s edition

June 1, 2023


2023 Cybersecurity Defender of the Year Nominees

In 2023, Cisco will recognize top cybersecurity advocates by region for the Global Advocate Awards. Our next event is around the corner. It all happens at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, in a live ceremony! Top advocates from the Americas region are honored and will be celebrated June 7th during Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

February 8, 2023


Honoring our ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’ in EMEA

Today we honor the Cybersecurity Defender of the Year in EMEA for his passionate acts of advocacy. The robust involvement of all of the Cybersecurity Insider Advocates made the selection process extremely difficult and we are happy to have such a strong community

January 27, 2023


The Nominees for the 2023 Cybersecurity Defender of the Year Award in EMEA

Cisco Insider Advocates is announcing its Global Advocate Awards, which recognizes top advocates by region.

December 6, 2022


Modernizing the Security of Australia’s Largest Fuel Network

Ampol, Australia’s largest fuel company, is over 120 years old. Read our newest blog to find out how Cisco Secure helped modernize their security environment.

October 31, 2022


What do kickboxing and cybersecurity have in common

The challenges of not knowing where the opponent may direct the next combination of blows can be like the uncertainties of cybersecurity.

July 25, 2022


Cisco Salutes the League of Cybersecurity Heroes

Learn more about the fantastic Cisco Insider Advocates that make up the League of Cybersecurity Heroes.

May 16, 2022


Global Snack Manufacturer Becomes Cyber Resilient While Cutting Production Costs

Companies aren’t doing business the way they used to, and the shift to hybrid work has forced many to become increasingly security resilient or cease operations. The global food market is no exception.