Donna Wright

Program Manager, Talent Bridge

Corporate Affairs

Donna Wright leads Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge, an employment program dedicated to helping our students connect with employers around the world.


October 22, 2020


The Dream Team and you!

2 min read

One of the longest standing services offered by the Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge program is the Dream Team. Since 2011, Dream Teams have been helping install the temporary wireless networks at major events around the world.

October 1, 2020


Streamline your Hiring Process and Connect with Top Talent

2 min read

Connecting with top talent can be challenging and time-consuming, but we can offer a tool to make the process more efficient. Our Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge program connects our Cisco Partner ecosystem with our students, alumni, and military veterans.

September 22, 2020


Connecting our Cisco Networking Academy Talent with our Partners

2 min read

The Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge connects students, alumni, and military veterans to job opportunities within our Cisco Partner ecosystem. With over 12,000 academies globally and over 2 million registered students annually, we have numerous tools to assist this segment of world-class talent in seeking employment with Cisco-focused employers.

How Cisco Networking Academy Bridges the Tech Talent Divide

3 min read

A key part of the Networking Academy curriculum is giving students the skills and resources they need to get jobs; the Talent Bridge program does just that – connecting over 280 employers in 170 countries to current and former students and helping over 20,000 students find jobs.