Our Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge program connects students, alumni, and military veterans to job opportunities within our Cisco Partner ecosystem. With over 12,000 academies globally and over 2 million registered students annually, we have numerous tools to assist this segment of world-class talent in seeking employment with Cisco-focused employers. Career resources, Dream Team events, Virtual Career Fairs, and the Matching Engine are just some of the methods Talent Bridge Teams have employed to accomplish the end goal of connecting Networking Academy students/alumni and military veterans to career opportunities. Through the use of these Talent Bridge resources, over 30,000 candidates reported finding employment according to a Q3 FY20 Student Employment survey.

Career Resources

We help candidates find careers through several online resources, specifically curated to connect them to employers. The Talent Bridge team has developed a free, self-paced, Career Preparation Workshop curriculum that guides individuals through topics including, but not limited to, career planning, resume creation, interview techniques, and advice regarding internships. Additionally, we have created a University page on LinkedIn, our Alumni network, specifically designed to connect students with those already in the workforce, potential employers, and other partners of Networking Academy. Lastly, we offer career advice on Netacad.com and host webinars focused on gaining employment.

Dream Team Events

Another resource for candidates to gain real-world, hands-on experience is by participating in Dream Team projects. Participants must be nominated by their instructors, submit an application, and then be accepted onto a Dream Team project. Dream Team participants gain hands-on experience at premier events by building networks side-by-side with professionals. Oftentimes, participants are offered employment opportunities during or shortly after the experience by event sponsors.

Network on LinkedIn

Connecting professionally on a social network is a critical component for all of those in the workforce. We have our Cisco Networking Academy university page on LinkedIn designed to connect not only our students (former and current) with one another, but also to serve as the connector with our featured employers, instructors, and career advice.

Virtual Job Events

Virtual Job Events are another way the Talent Bridge Team connects candidates with employers. Even prior to the Pandemic, we were hosting these events virtually to help the broadest set of candidates. These targeted regional events provide candidates with the opportunity to virtually meet with employers and understand more about their organizations. Candidates can learn about, and apply, to open jobs.

Matching Engine

The Matching Engine automates the process of connecting students, alumni, and military veterans to employment opportunities within the Cisco partner ecosystem. This free service allows candidates to create profiles and indicate location, education, language(s), certifications, and other criteria. Likewise, when employers log in and post opportunities, they can set requirements around these criteria. This allows for qualified candidates to be specifically matched to relevant opportunities, thus saving time and providing a higher likelihood of employment. The Matching Engine is an easy-to-use, global platform that is translated into 16 different languages.

Career resources, Dream Team events, Network on LinkedIn, Virtual Career Fairs, and the Matching Engine are just some of the methods the Talent Bridge Team uses to accomplish the goal of connecting Networking Academy students/alumni and military veterans to career opportunities. Not only have we been able to help over 30,000 candidates, but they are more likely to find a job faster and have a job than non-participants. Additionally, they are three times more likely to have a job within the Cisco Partner Ecosystem. By working together, we are able to help candidates find employment and help our employment partners grow their Cisco business.


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Donna Wright

Program Manager, Talent Bridge

Corporate Affairs