Connecting with top talent can be challenging and time-consuming, but we can offer a tool to make the process more efficient. Our Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge program connects our Cisco Partner ecosystem with our students, alumni, and military veterans. With more than 12,000 academies globally and over 2 million registered students annually, we have numerous tools to assist this world-class talent in seeking employment with Cisco-focused employers. Our featured tool, the Matching Engine, automates the process of connecting and sharing employment opportunities with our students, alumni, and veterans.

Easy to Use

The Matching Engine is a free partner tool, designed to help you source, recruit, and hire world-class talent. This easy-to-use, free service is available today for all Cisco Channel and Distribution partners. The only requirement is for partner users to have their Cisco Connection Online ID (CCO ID) established and properly associated to their partner organization. By having this association, it allows users to access all free Partner Tools.

Recruiters who use this tool appreciate the streamlined efficiency it brings to the hiring process. Damien Kamien, from Cisco Meraki, shared, “The advantage of using Talent Bridge Matching Engine over other job search engines is that I save significant time. Instead of searching through thousands of resumes I can quickly find qualified candidates with Cisco skills. The Matching Engine is differentiated from other hiring platforms, as it allows recruiters to quickly source specific qualified entry level networking talent, matching candidates by skills to opportunities.”

Save Time

Partner employers can post job opportunities and immediately view matching candidates based on job requirements and skills. During the posting process, employers indicate location, education, language(s), certifications, and other criteria. This allows employers to be specifically matched to qualified candidates, thus saving time and providing a higher likelihood of employment.

Global Platform

The global platform currently has 40,000 active candidates from 191 countries and is translated into 16 different languages. This provides wide geographic coverage to help Cisco’s largest national and global partners as well as our local and regional partners.

Focused Candidates

The Matching Engine places emphasis on quality candidates versus quantity and provides a Cisco-focused talent pool. By concentrating on Cisco Networking Academy students and alumni, we are able to provide a talent pool of individuals who have invested time, energy, and effort into a Cisco career. Additionally, transitioning US Military veterans are required to meet certain thresholds including: technical certifications, technical job experience, and/or have an associate’s degree. By providing this caliber of candidates, we can ensure the highest success rates for our partner employers and candidates.

We can help you streamline and automate the process of connecting students, alumni, Cisco employees, and military veterans to employment opportunities within the Cisco partner ecosystem through the Matching Engine. By adopting and using the Matching Engine your organization will take advantage of a free, easy-to-use, global tool that will save you time and provide a focused candidate pool. In turn, we are confident this influx of talent can assist in growing your Cisco business.

Learn more about our Cisco Networking Academy Talent Bridge program. To engage with us and learn how to start using the Matching Engine, please fill out this form.


Donna Wright

Program Manager, Talent Bridge

Corporate Affairs