Dominic Elliott

Chief Technology Officer

Global Service Provider - Northern Europe

Dominic has been working in the telecoms industry since 1988, working in design, operations and latterly sales on some of the world’s biggest and most complex networks.

He has worked at Cisco since 1997, holding a variety of technical roles; he was responsible for the development, design and deployment of the Cisco solutions that underpinned the growth of key technologies in the development of the Internet in the UK.

Having worked on the development of IP NGN capabilities across the world with both challengers and incumbents, Dominic is the chief technology officer for Service Providers in Northern Europe. Currently, he’s focused on the transition to Software Defined Networks across enterprise and consumer networks, and is driving the development of Cisco’s SP strategy in SDN.


January 14, 2021


Challenging Times Quicken the Pace of the Overlay Movement

2 min read

The network is more relevant today than it’s ever been, but it must be commensurate with the services it’s supporting. Service providers can reap the benefits of innovation but they need to be prepared to be decisive and invest in the future.

August 12, 2020


Is your internet service provider protecting you online?

3 min read

Ever stopped to think about who is handling our connectivity to the internet and just how secure this is? Find out more about how service provider security infrastructure can be critical to protecting your online applications, experiences and data.

Who’s Going to be a 5G Winner?

3 min read

In this blog, we will explore who is going to benefit from 5G: from consumers to businesses to industries. As service providers make initial announcements around 5G, focusing on the value in the B2B market can unlock the most potential.

Tips and Tricks to Working from Home

4 min read

Learn some simple explanations on how the home network works, and leverage some useful tips on getting the best from your WiFi.

February 10, 2020


How Cisco is Paving the Way for the Internet for the Future

4 min read

At the end of January, we hosted the annual ‘Cisco Live Europe’ in Barcelona where customers and partners from around the world got to see the latest launches and innovations Cisco has to offer including the biggest launch of them all: ‘The Future for the Internet’. Read on to find out my thoughts of the week and how the technology is proving wrong all those who said, "that will never catch on."

November 14, 2019


Size Shouldn’t Matter! SME’s Get Bite Through the Cloud

3 min read

Cisco plays a part in cloud collaboration by offering advanced collaboration experiences that range from simple telephony through to advanced multi-channel contact center experiences. To leverage this new suite of tools, SMEs must have a secure and reliable connection to the Internet.

October 15, 2019


All the Right Moves? Making Sense of the Digital Opportunity

4 min read

Making the right moves in the Service Provider (SP) Infrastructure market right now is a tricky business. On one side of the market sits the consumer living their best digital...

No Network, No Cloud

2 min read

Working together, networking and operations teams can realise the potential of SD-WAN to maximise the adoption of a shiny new SaaS application, with a far better user experience.