Christine Otts

Director of Global Velocity and Partner Programs Marketing

Christine Otts is the Director of Global Velocity and Partner Programs Marketing. She is a marketing professional with 25 years’ experience, having spent most of her career focused on partner marketing. In her 20 years with Cisco, she has developed a sterling reputation for building relationships and exploring new ways for partners to transform their business. Under Christines leadership, her team is innovating the industry acclaimed Marketing Velocity platforms, reimagining PMM’s of the future, strategizing marketing benefits for the Cisco Partner Program, and so much more.


May 9, 2023


Humanize your marketing content to connect with customers

Considering that 100% of B2B buyers prefer a self-service buying process, and that 55% of B2B buyers rely on digital content when making purchasing decisions, marketers must be able to connect with buyers in meaningful ways.

January 17, 2023


Prepare yourself for 2023 marketing trends with Marketing Velocity Learning

B2B digital marketing is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to predict what the future holds. With new technologies emerging and consumer behaviors often unpredictable, 2023 is set to be an interesting year in marketing. Today I’d like to share with you a few of my bold marketing predictions for 2023 and where you can find resources here at Cisco to learn more.

July 1, 2022


Marketing Velocity FY22 Highlights

When we first created the Marketing Velocity suite of tools, Cisco had one goal in mind: to help drive demand and become marketers of the future. As the business and market have evolved, so has the goal.

May 17, 2022


Make Everything Possible with your Marketing – Marketing Velocity Digital

The past couple of years have been anything but normal, but if there’s one thing Cisco Partners—and our partner marketers—have shown, it’s that when we work together, embrace digital transformation, and think creatively, we truly can make Everything Possible.

November 4, 2021


Making “Everything Possible” with Marketing Velocity

I am excited to share that we are still pushing the boundaries of the limitless possibilities that Marketing Velocity and our Partner Programs can offer. Here’s a sneak peek at the updates coming to Marketing Velocity and Partner Programs.