When we first created the Marketing Velocity suite of tools, Cisco had one goal in mind: to help drive demand and become marketers of the future. As the business and market have evolved, so has the goal.

Throughout our FY22 we have achieved a lot and we still have a long way to go to give you the best experience. Partners that use the Marketing Velocity pillars grow faster when leveraging Central, Learning and Voice. As we head into FY23, we are on a journey to create a simplified experience when marketing with Cisco.

Here are a few highlights from Fiscal Year 2022:

  • Marketing Velocity Digital: Held in May, 919 Partner marketers from 400 countries engaged with over 1800 Hours of learning content during this global event. If you missed any of Marketing Velocity Digital, tune into the event recap.
  • Simplified Content in Marketing Velocity Central: One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received is that you want a simplified experience, especially when it comes to content. Our solution: less content on Marketing Velocity Central. Rather than having multiple pieces of content for a campaign that a user has to download, we’ve bundled all the content together into one, easy-to-use eBook that tells a more holistic story. All new campaigns will be linked back to Marketing Velocity Learning so that you can get answers and training, helping you to execute campaigns with ease and the right content.
  • Continued Marketing Velocity Central Engagement: You’ve continued to engage with us on Marketing Velocity Central, with FY22 seeing 2,116 active partners on MVC. And since moving to eBook-style campaigns in January, we’ve had 1,570 eBook readers.
  • Upping Your Game with Marketing Velocity Learning: In FY22, Partner marketers have shown us that you continue to want to learn and hone your marketing skills, with our most-viewed learning path being Building an Integrated Sales and Marketing Approach with 2,124 views. Marketing Velocity Learning content overall had 12,860 content views during FY22.
  • Expanded Partnership Logos: Partnership logos are critical to your co-branding with Cisco. Over the past year, we have expanded the wordmarks and targeted partnership logos. Logo Builder is the place to go to create and see examples of how to build co-branded assets. In addition, we’ve made it easy for you to see the latest brand guidelines in an ebook that is updated regularly.

Looking ahead at FY23, I am incredibly excited for all the amazing things we have in store for our partner marketers. We’ll continue to build on the work we’ve done in FY22, to evolve the Marketing Velocity pillars in impactful ways. Stay tuned!

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Christine Otts

Director, Partner Demand and Acceleration

Global SMB and Partner Marketing