Bryan Sherlock

Marketing Manager

Bryan Sherlock is a marketing lead on the Partner Marketing Velocity program, and is relentlessly focused on improving how Partners engage, educate and interact with Cisco as they develop their own marketing programs. His philosophy is that good content needs be shared, but tows the company line and keeps a few cards up his sleeve.

Bryan’s background includes Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations experience where he has created and contributed to traditional and digital campaigns for multiple technology companies spanning from consumer to enterprise.

To remain fresh, Bryan spends time with his family, surfs daily, enjoys bombing down mountain bike trails and when time permits enjoys cigars and fine spirits.


May 8, 2017


Marketing Velocity 2017 Event Recap: Become A Digital Believer.

3 min read

Marketing is amazing. I mean those of us that do marketing for a living really do “live the dream.” Granted there are numerous meetings, funding challenges, deadlines, and the ever...

March 1, 2016


Cisco Marketing Velocity 2016: Connect. Engage. Amaze. What Happened, and More Importantly What’s Next?

3 min read

Let’s set the scene… an incredible atmosphere bringing Cisco marketing Partners and executives together to share what’s next in marketing for the coming year.  We challenged our marketing partners to rethink their approaches to – Connect.  Amaze.  Engage. This event marked the ninth year Marketing Velocity, and it continues to bring marketing Partners and Cisco […]

November 18, 2015


Need to Reach More Customers? Tell Your Story Through Social!

2 min read

You have become what you deem as a master of Social Media – you have a nice number of followers, your prose is pithy and engaging, but yet something is...