Bas Boorsma


Internet of Everything & City Digitization - North Europe

Bas Boorsma currently serves as Cisco’s Internet of Everything leader in North Europe. In this role he orchestrates Cisco´s regional efforts that allow for the digitization of Cisco customer operations, partner operations and Cisco itself.

Bas has a rich background as a City Digitization specialist. In that capacity he has managed a portfolio of smart city endeavors globally. Bas has coordinated and overseen the implementation of innovative projects and programs that address the ways we work, live, consume, play, learn and deliver within the context of cities.

Typical innovations delivered or currently being worked on include Smart Light, Smart mobility solutions, Street Digitization, City Digital Platform, Digital Ceiling, Smart Work Centers, Learning Hubs, Smart Ports, high end broadband deployment as well as the architectures and service models that will help drive the digitization of society at large.


October 13, 2016


Digitization: Challenges & Opportunities

4 min read

As digitization is being embraced by companies, communities, cities, organizations large and small, it is critical to assess and address the challenges that exist. Challenges that can become show-stoppers for the internet of things (IoT), challenges that could diminish the promise of big data, challenges that may push promising innovations in domains of artificial intelligence, […]

July 5, 2016


Twin City Digitization Deployments in Copenhagen

3 min read

Cisco and Denmark Telco Incumbent TDC Sign Key Partnership Agreement On June 9, an Internet of Things (IoT) Regional Forum took place in Copenhagen. The backdrop to the event was the smart city lighthouse engagement in Copenhagen and the twin deployments that forum participants were able to witness and experience for themselves during the week of […]

March 9, 2016


The Network Paradigm and the City

1 min read

The success of cities and communities at large will increasingly depend on a given city’s ability to engage in new ways of organizing, providing citizen services, security and governance, and establishing the conditions for modern job creation and successful enterprise. In short, this means a shift to a network-based city that can enable leaders to […]