Ann Kelly

Communications Manager

Global Advocacy

I love well-told stories and world travel, preferably when they're combined. I'm a writer and solo traveler who crossed the Sahara Desert on a camel, trotted into the Arctic Circle with a reindeer sled, traversed parts of India and Thailand on an elephant, and explored the Amazon Rainforest, among many other awe-inspiring trips. There's plenty more to see on my bucket list, and I'm committed to volunteering along the way.

I started my marketing career in technology when we still went cube-to-cube with floppy disks (called "Sneakernet" back then). These days I'm part of Cisco's Global Advocacy organization, a team that puts customers first in everything we do to strengthen customer loyalty and engagement, while helping Cisco sellers close deals faster.


December 21, 2022


Cisco honored with a 2022 “BAMMIE” award for “Biggest Impact on Marketing”

3 min read

Cisco wins a gold “BAMMIE” for Biggest Impact on Marketing in the 2022 BAMMIE Awards. Judges applauded Cisco for using customer advocacy to transform marketing.

October 14, 2021


Dublin school digitizes learning with Cisco-powered network

2 min read

Dublin private school emerged from the pandemic with a more effective, more secure approach to student-driven learning, powered by a Cisco network.

A responsive networking solution for an agile creative agency

1 min read

Boutique creative agency Ice and a Slice leverages an agile network powered by Cisco Meraki in order to compete with larger agencies.

From patchwork to fully protected network

1 min read

Philippines-based Asurion delivers device peace of mind to thousands of clients and trusts Cisco to secure their critical network.

Preserving business resiliency in the pandemic. Cisco customers speak out.

1 min read

When disruption became the norm with COVID-19, Cisco helped our customers and partners pivot to preserve business resiliency. They tell us how, in their own words.

April 20, 2021


Giving sellers the intelligence they need to close deals

2 min read

How do you turn CRM data into actionable intelligence for sellers? Cisco Venture Labs and AI startup, SetSail, collaborated to solve this challenge.

April 14, 2021


Top-notch collaboration for top-notch athletes

1 min read

German sports foundation that helps elite athletes with personal and professional development embraces digital collaboration to stay connected at all times.

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