We live in a data-driven world. Whether B2B or B2C, sellers and go-to-market teams rely on insights from data to target customer accounts, grow pipeline, and close business. When valuable data is siloed or lost in databases and unable to be shared in meaningful ways, business inefficiencies are introduced, customer service can suffer, and the bottom line may be impacted.

Cisco Venture Labs, a new division within Cisco that partners with leading analytics and artificial intelligence startups to solve key technology challenges facing businesses, went in search of an AI partner to help solve a common challenge: how to get clean data and turn it into actionable insights. SetSail, a startup founded in 2018, had the experience Cisco Venture Labs was seeking. SetSail Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, Bert Lui, applied the AI experience he’d gained working at Google to come up with a unique approach to data mining issues, combining machine learning and behavioral science. He and SetSail’s CEO and Cofounder, Haggai Levi, tested their approach within Google and found it to be very effective, after which they launched SetSail as a company.

Evaluation questions for sales data pilot with SetSail and Cisco Venture Labs.

Reflecting on the project with Cisco Venture Labs, Lui said, “We realized almost from the start that there was a lot of alignment between our efforts to help customers build a data foundation and translate that into action.” He noted that “Cisco wanted to improve their own engagement with customers.”

The two companies collaborated on a pilot to demonstrate how SetSail could apply machine learning and AI to maximize the value of CRM data specifically for two countries in Cisco’s international portfolio: Canada and Germany. Learn how SetSail and Cisco Venture Labs partnered in this pilot to validate the accuracy of sales data and improve customer service in Cisco Canada and Cisco Germany business offices. For more on the collaboration, hear from SetSail’s Bert Lui in his own words.


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