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Keeping up with Demand

How time flies: Cisco and Intel are celebrating their one-year partnership anniversary of Unleashing IT with the launch of the all new, Spring 2013 edition. Available online and in print, this latest installment is once again packed with thought-leadership content and company profiles.

Over the past year, Unleashing IT has uncovered and shared many IT best practices. The industries represented through the company profiles featured are extremely diverse, as are their solutions and deployment strategies.

But there is a common thread – they are all are leveraging data center technology to advance, accelerate and streamline their business, enter new markets, all while achieving substantial cost savings. From education to healthcare to utility companies, innovation in the data center is driving their success – and allowing them to keep up with demands of the business.

Perhaps you will find inspiration from these profiles, sparking new ideas – and allowing you unleash the full potential of IT for your business.

To get full access to Unleashing IT, subscribe or log in here.


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Fresh ideas are ageless

“Am I being replaced by 12 year-olds?”  The fast-paced world of social media is a constant reminder that marketers need to learn new skills throughout their careers.  Still, I even surprised myself with my defensive reaction to seeing two girls half my height in the office.  I mention height because I am more than twice their age. To my relief, they were visitors from a college-track summer program.  They had come to Cisco to learn more about careers in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  One of the young ladies couldn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed meeting new friends in Oklahoma via TelePresence.

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