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Leave it to the Experts

When I remodeled my bathroom a few years ago, my initial plan included only a few things: I wanted it to feel bigger (it’s a small space), and everything needed to be replaced – the utilities, furniture, walls, floors, and window.

I know what I like, and I know what I want, but I don’t know the first thing about designing a new bathroom.  Add to that a full-time job and three children under the age of 10, I knew I needed to hire someone who could take complete control of the project while still delivering everything I wanted.

I hired a contractor who could not only do the physical labor, but one who had the expertise to plan and design the whole thing. He asked me questions about which members of the family use the bathroom, and how often, in order to deliver the most relevant plan that fit our lifestyle. Through his consultation, he discovered that this bathroom was the main bathroom in the house, heavily used by our family and visitors alike.  Based on that fact, he recommended a redesign that provided the optimum privacy for our family of 5 – something I hadn’t even considered when initially launching the project. Read More »

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Cloud – A New Rainmaker for UK Public Sector

The UK is recognized these days as a leader in moving government to the cloud. Through its G-Cloud Programme, Government Digital Service, and other initiatives, the British government is making the effort to put technology innovation at the heart of the public sector. The London Borough of Hillingdon is just one example of how a community of 250,000 is being unified and better supported with cloud technologies. Watch the video.

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Going Green with Virtualized Networks

More than 1,100 gaming establishments worldwide come to Global Cash Access  (GCA) for ideas and innovation. GCA is a global leader in providing tightly integrated solutions to the gaming industry by optimizing cash access processes. These services allow gamblers to access cash through ATM withdrawals, credit card and debit card transactions, check verification, and money transfers. When 60%-70% of the money on a casino floor comes from these devices, a reliable network infrastructure is imperative. In 2011, GCA processed more than 90 million transactions and dispensed more than $19 billion in cash. In this industry, minutes of down time translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed transactions.

With over 8000 patron touch points around the world, GCA needed a data center infrastructure that could support their current needs but scale to be the foundation for future growth. GCA engaged Nexus IS, a Cisco Gold Certified partner with Master specializations in Security and Unified communications, to help them design a data center architecture  flexible enough to add new devices and enable new services for GCA to provide to their customers.

Watch as Scott Betts, CEO of GCA, and Jim King, Vice President of IT at GCA, discuss how Nexus was able to provide a strong foundation of one unified IP-based infrastructure to help GCA meet the uptime and reliability necessary to their business.


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The Intelligent Network Delivers the Cloud

We are proud of our customers and their success in the marketplace. They are changing the way business is done by providing scalable, enterprise-grade, secure, and affordable cloud solutions. By tying together the Unified Data Center with the Cloud Intelligent Network and applying Applications and Services on top as end-to-end solutions, these cloud providers are delivering differentiated services with high-level SLAs necessary for end-users’ strategic applications. That’s what US Signal is doing for their customers.

But for some more background, last week at Structure, the conversations swirled around how to handle Big Data, the future of software-defined networking, data center compute technology, database and programming types, and open versus proprietary. Two of our CloudVerse customers, Terremark and SunGard both had strong booth presence and Terremark also had a packed presentation delivered by Jim Anthony, VP, Tier II Solution Architecture Team. Compared to last year, there was a stronger agreement that cloud providers are fully capable of providing public or virtual private cloud services with trust, scalability, and affordability, instead of companies taking on cloud internally by themselves. There are many needs for cloud services out there and that means there are opportunities to provide a differentiated service.

As such, with data usage increasing exponentially, it’s clear how important the network is for connecting the many clouds out there. Let me explain how US Signal is leveraging their expertise with an end-to-end delivery network to success in cloud. Read More »

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The Modern Boardroom is Empty

June 19, 2012 at 7:19 am PST

In the not-too-distant past the boardroom was a place where executives met to plan the future of the company, analyze the competition, discuss satisfaction and retention, and generally come together to brainstorm how to accelerate success. On occasion guests were invited to the boardroom – for example,  top customers who required an executive briefing or an employee celebrating 25 years at a company.

Executives would spend hours, if not days, traveling to the boardroom to meet his or her peers face-to-face.  The boardroom would be filled with executives sitting down to hammer out the company’s top initiatives.

Today’s boardroom is empty.

Or at least not quite as full as it was a few years ago. Read More »

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