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Cisco “Net Neutrality” Position

Net Neutrality has been a hot topic in technology circles, so I thought you would be interested in Cisco’s position. Here it is:Net Neutrality Connectivity Principles and Consumer ChoiceCisco has long supported an open and innovative Internet. Many of the Internet’s benefits come from its open nature and the ability of anyone to develop new and innovative devices and services that connect to it. Such innovation has created entirel…


Cisco Chairman John Morgridge Testifies Before U.S. House Science Committee

Yesterday, Cisco Chairman John Morgridge testified before the House Science Committee at a hearing entitled, “U.S. Competitiveness: The Innovation Challenge.” He was joined on the panel by the President of Johns Hopkins University, Dr. William Brody, and Mr. Nick Donofiro, EVP of Innovation and Technology at the IBM Corporation. All of the written testimony, the full webcast and the press release on the hearing can be viewed here….


TechNet Day in Washington, DC – Focus on Education

I’m in DC this week for TechNet Day among other various and sundry business. TechNet today released its 2005 Innovation Agenda which you may (or may not) find interesting. At the least it is an earnest attempt to give advice and guidance and thoughts on what this group of technology executives and companies find of public policy import. Among the top issues is helping improve the U.S. K-12 education system. The passion which the technology…


More RSA…

…r no or little additional fee. Lots of market action here. Proposed spyware bills try aim to stop bad actors from doing devious things with spyware. The challenge has been how to define and stop the problem without chilling innovation. I previously have talked about our position on spyware on a VOD The problem is of course difficult in part because bad actors may be overseas, do spoof their identity, and may be unlikely to stop. Law enforcem…