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Cisco IT Innovation Forum – A gateway to thriving in turbulent times

…allenging themselves (and us) to deliver operational excellence with limited budgets and without compromising on innovation. “Do more with less” is the clarion call.Cisco IT Innovation ForumThis is a challenge we have to resolve together with our customers and partners on a global basis, by proactive partnership, transparency and sharing best practices. Any product innovations are a means and not an end to deliver on our customer requ…


Cisco Unified Computing System: Best Data Center Innovation Award

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) just won “Best Data Center Innovation” award at BladeSystems Insight 2009 event. Details will be available here soon.BladeSystems Insight is an executive summit for data center blade server technologies, took place April 19-21, 2009 in Las Vegas before an audience of over 150 hosted end-user executives, vendor sponsors, key industry analysts such as Forrester & IDC, association leaders etc….


5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration – #3

…ion regarding the future of collaboration:Prediction #1.Prediction #2.Prediction #4.Prediction #5.Prediction 3: Innovation will be redefined by Operational ExcellenceThere is a long-standing debate about what drives long term success: Is it innovation OR Operational Excellence? Traditionally we viewed this as an either-or proposition, and most companies have taken pride in being really good at one or the other.What we hear from most CEOs, CTOs…


Clearwire to Launch WiMAX Innovation Network to Silicon Valley Developers

The WiMAX Innovation Network will initially cover more than 20 square miles in Silicon Valley and bring 4G wireless service to campuses of some of the world’s leading technology innovators. For more information, please see the Press Release….


Today, Everything Changes

…details behind this amazing launch of the Unified Computing SystemHindsight 20/20?Now in hindsight, more of this innovation begins to make sense as it all gets tied together quite well with the Unified Computing System. Jimmy Ray and I were extremely impressed with depth of innovation that went into this. The UCS was not a bunch of networking folks trying to come up with a way to tie your network more tightly into your compute and storage resour…