Rakesh Kandula

Technical Marketing Engineer

Mass Scale Infrastructure Group (MIG)

Rakesh Kandula is a Technical Marketing Engineer in Cisco’s Mass Scale Infrastructure Group (MIG), where he handles security for products primarily deployed in service provider networks. Rakesh received his Master’s Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi). He has been with Cisco for 15+ years in various roles and his current focus areas are Trustworthy Systems, Platform Security Chips, Secure Boot, DDoS Solutions and other security features relevant to routing platforms. Outside his work, Rakesh is an avid runner who loves running marathons and trail ultras.


Stop DDoS at the 5G Network Edge

With the new Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection solution, communication service providers (CSPs) now have an efficient DDoS detection and mitigation solution that can thwart attacks right at the access layer.