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Lessons from LEGO To Drive “Out-of-the-Box” Thinking

Are your Master Builders free to create? Are your Ordinary Builders helping them to execute? And more to the point, are you acting like the evil President Business, hindering innovation, placing talent in silos, and keeping your organization frozen in the past? If so, you may find an unlikely role model in Emmet Brickowski. OK, Emmet may be an animated character made of plastic blocks, but don’t dismiss him so easily. If you are a manager lookin…


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Data Protection in the balance – EU Citizen Protection and Innovation

In the wake of the European Parliament elections, stakeholders and commentators have been reflecting on the likely impact on important dossiers they follow.  On data protection, we are pleased to welcome the reelection of the rapporteur, Jean-Philipp Albrecht, as well as key players Axel Voss and Timothy Kirkhope.  At the same time, we are sad to see Dimitrios Droutsas, Alexander Alvaro and Baroness Ludford leave the Parliament. As the Parliamen…


Creating a Cloud Sandbox for Video to Bring More Innovation to TV

…iness outcomes, including new experiences which can be delivered and monetized more rapidly. Beyond the speed of innovation, a key question – actually aspiration – that we often hear from our service provider customers is “how can I bring more innovation into my TV environment.” At Cisco Live in San Francisco this week, we have been able to share with our customers and partners how a transformation to cloud operating models, with Cisco’s Videosca…


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Intelligent Cybersecurity at Cisco Live

…bout intelligent cybersecurity, we are providing it for the real world. These advancements demonstrate continued innovation as part of the new security model so organizations have comprehensive visibility and control to act smarter and more quickly to combat highly motivated, advanced attacks. At Cisco we work hard to anticipate market trends and stay at the forefront of innovation. The enhancements we are delivering to our security portfolio tod…


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Innovation Across the Internet of Things

…integrates hardware, software, and services is crucial for developing IoT in the coming decade. Collaborators in Innovation At the center of this transformation is a new ecosystem where industry leaders join forces to enable real-world use cases and deliver greater value to customers. Together, Cisco and Intel are committed to delivering innovation across the IoT spectrum—from devices at the edge to datacenters on the backend, and everything in b…


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